No need to show off his achievements in this and other Top charts, Thien Kiem Chi Van shows off the “satisfaction” of gamers as “out of submission”.

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2022-11-25 00:08:42

Right at 10 a.m. on November 23, NPH Funtap officially activated the unique and new “super product” role-playing Sword Hien Huyen Fantasy called Thien Kiem Chi Van.

Since its official appearance in the Vietnamese mobile game market, “Thien Kiem Chi Van” is one of the most searched keywords by swordplay enthusiasts on many different platforms. Consecutive images and video review of Thien Kiem Chi Van appeared on Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube or even reputable gaming newspapers.

There is no need to argue too much about the attraction of Thien Kiem Chi Van when this game has opened up a fantasy world full of mysterious stories. The game offers a beautiful, bright graphics platform, a diverse character development system, fast gameplay with a variety of features and exciting activities that make players unable to miss or set foot in the game. enter.

And it is not unexpected, Thien Kiem Chi Van has received the flow of people pouring into the game experience that is full of the area for beginners when opening the first 2 Servers. Groups of people line up in long lines to go on quests, making NPCs and bosses in the game seem invisible.

Throughout the world chat channels, Guild chats are constantly emerging with stories with many different topics. Because Thien Kiem Chi Van possesses many features that connect players with each other, the activity inside the game becomes even more exciting and exciting than other games in the same series.

The “Medium Match” feature makes it easier for single players to find soul mates and friends.

Of course, the game development team has been too successful when optimizing the configuration so that the lag situations, game splashes do not appear too much to help the player’s experience be uninterrupted.

Outside the game, a quick glance at the groups of Thien Kiem Chi Van is the extremely bustling atmosphere on the first day of the game’s launch. How attractive are the articles posted by players constantly when talking about the journey of experiencing Thien Kiem Wu Song?

Especially, when it comes to the success of Thien Kiem Chi Van on the launch day, it is not the Top positions on the Appstore charts, GGplay is often “shown” by many games to the gaming community. is the satisfaction, reputation score by the person who has shared his/her personal opinion.

Along with bringing great experiences to gamers, the game development team Thien Kiem Chi Van also shared that: “Thien Kiem Chi Van is one of the most labor-intensive projects. From the initial steps to bring to the Vietnamese market to the modifications and additions to suit the tastes of Vietnamese gamers. Although each person will have different feelings, we will continue to listen and change from day to day so that we will have a common playground called HOME for short.”

Gamers also have more motivation when NPH Funtap has hung a series of super valuable prizes such as: Iphone 14 Promax, Ipad, Apple Watch, Airpod headset … and many other attractive ingame items appear in two games. Top racing events are Thien Kiem Wu Song and De Nhat Tien Minh.

The top battle force rankings constantly swap positions because there are Vietnamese gamers who are too familiar with the “farm level” play style and with the fact that Thien Kiem Chi Van has a fairly fast game rhythm, the competitive nature is even better. high speed.

Overall, Thien Kiem Chi Van completely deserves to be one of the most attractive Kiem Hiep role-playing games in the late 2022 period. From the gameplay system, graphics to community development, all both perfect.

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