Nordcurrent acquires RinGames, participates in the development of Cooking Fever and Sniper Arena

Nordcurrent acquires RinGames, participates in the development of Cooking Fever and Sniper Arena


2021-12-21 20:10:06

INTERNATIONAL_ Game company Nordcurrent acquired RinGames and is now involved in the development of Cooking Fever and Sniper Arena.

Developer and publisher Nordcurrent is expanding its company. Recently, the company became the owner of the mobile game studio RinGames in Ukraine. The amount for the deal was not disclosed.

The full terms of the deal were also not disclosed. RinGames will start operating as Nordcurrent Dnipro and the number of employees will increase. The new studio is increased to 100 employees by 2022 (currently has less than 30 employees).

Nordcurrent acquires RinGames for an undisclosed fee

Prior to the deal, Nordcurrent and RinGames worked together for eight years. Studio Ukraine participated in the development of Cooking Fever, Sniper Arena, Murder in the Alps and several games for Nordcurrent. They are currently working together on the game Happy Clinic, which is due for release next month.

“We are delighted that our trusted long-term partner at Dnipro has become part of the Viktoria Trofimova family,” said Nordcurrent CEO. “We have similar values ​​and goals, so we have a perfect combination of culture, energy and working attitude. This is very important to the continued growth of a game publisher.”

RinGames is the second Ukrainian studio acquired by Nordcurrent. In 2018, the company acquired Odessa Blam! Game Studio .

Nordcurrent was founded in 2002 in Vilnius. The company develops and publishes both mobile and PC games. Currently, the company has more than 50 games with a total download of 500 million.

The company is growing rapidly as a game developer, taking advantage of the opportunities available in the global market. Since 2010, Nordcurrent exclusively specializes in the development of free casual games. In November 2015, Nordcurrent opened a new development studio in Warsaw, Poland.

Nordcurrent focuses on making games for the iOS platform, with 5 products in the top 5 games in 75 countries, reaching 20 million downloads.

In August 2014, the game Cooking Fever was released, which was downloaded by more than 50 million players in its first year of release.

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