Officially launched at 10:00 on December 23 – Receive giftcode from Game4V, set sail to conquer Legendary Treasure

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2021-12-25 11:13:03

Legendary Treasure was officially launched at 10 o’clock on October 23, receiving a warm welcome from the Vietnamese gaming community and One Piece Fan.

Following the success of the brother Legend of Pirates, NPH GOSU continues to launch the rookie market Legendary Treasure. The game is a harmonious combination of surreal 3D graphics and the extremely familiar Idle gameplay that will make players satisfied in every moment.

Coming to Legendary Treasure, players seem to be immersed in exciting adventures with the Straw Hat crew. The game possesses beautiful 3D graphics, effects from modern Unity technology along with fiery gameplay that will give players a spectacular display that few One Piece games have.

Legendary Treasure

Belonging to the genre of strategy game, Legendary Treasure does not take too much time for players to get used to this game. However, gamers will never get bored when the game owns a lot of groups of characters with complementary attributes and countering each other, players can research and create a squad in their own style.

Legendary Treasure, also owns a rich and diverse feature system for players to explore. Players can participate in general training, upgrading equipment to help increase combat power. In particular, the diverse Fleet feature system helps players practice as well as make new friends.

The activities in the game are also extremely unique and transparent. Gamers can join the journey to cross clones to find treasures to upgrade their squad, or engage in experiments to hone their combat skills, or break the Impel Down prison every day. days to uncover interesting secrets. In addition, other activities such as arenas and inter-server battles that are indispensable in a game will be fully integrated at Legendary Treasure.

If you are a One Piece fan, gamers should not miss this game, let’s experience great moments at Legendary Treasure today.

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