One Piece 1062 spoiler prediction: The truth about Vegapunk is revealed – Bonney Luffy goes to scout the island

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2022-09-23 10:27:58

One Piece 1062 spoiler prediction, chapter 1061 summary: In a time of danger, a girl calling herself Vegapunk saved the Straw Hat Pirates’ life. In another development, Luffy and Bonney accompanies each other. What will happen next?

Summary of One Piece 1061

Following on from the previous chapter, Luffy grabbed Bonney with one hand and Chopper with the other. The Straw Hats were watching, when suddenly a giant shark emerged from below. Luckily, the Sunny avoided it, so they were all safe.

Seeing that Luffy had sunk into the sea, Jinbe handed the ship over to everyone and “cosplayed” as a rescuer. Franky activates Sunny’s special mechanism to escape. Are you surprised yet? The shark fired two shells that hit the bottom of the boat! Everyone fell into the sea. Sunny is not sure if it is safe or not.

Jinbe saves Luffy but is immediately chased by the shark. The mermaid took the group and ran away. Meanwhile, a giant robot appeared and punched the shark. Zoro and the rest of the crew started “shaking” with those with Devil Fruits. In one frame, we see Usopp unconscious…

In a nearby place, Tashigi and the Punk Hazard children are being cared for by the Marines. Several members of SWORD also appeared. Helmeppo tried to ask Seraphim to save Koby, but it didn’t seem to work.

At a cave, Bonney reverts to her adult form. Jinbe and the others are temporarily safe. In the final pages, we learn that Sunny and the rest of the Straw Hats were saved by the robot. Its rider claims to be Vegapunk!

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Spoiler One Piece 1061: Vegapunk is a girl!

One Piece 1062 spoiler prediction

one piece 1062

This chapter has two things that attract the attention of readers. One is that Bonney is naked, the other is that Vegapunk is a girl. As far as the plot goes, Vegapunk has worked with Caesar, Judge and Queen in the past, and the character “should” be old as well. However, the one who appeared in front of the Straw Hats was a very young looking girl. This appearance opens up a lot of theories, such as:

  1. Vegapunk has plastic surgery to stay young and beautiful.
  2. This Vegapunk is fake.
  3. Vegapunk can’t get old.

Among the theories, there is one theory that this is a “copy” of Vegapunk. Having worked with Judge, Vegapunk also knows about genetics and human technology. The number 2 on the shirt could be a sign that this is version number 2 of Vegapunk.

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If you look closely, you will see that the giant shark has the words “Vegapunk” and the number 3 on its body. The giant robot has the number 12 and the words Vega Force. It can be speculated that these are all Vegapunk inventions. The number shows that this scientist has at least 12 super giant robots – maybe “number 2” is also a part of it.

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