One Piece Odyssey – An incomplete journey

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2023-01-25 11:23:50

Ever since the first trailers were released, One Piece Odyssey has quickly gained a lot of attention from both fans of the series and gamers thanks to its beautiful graphics and novel gameplay, but because There are many reasons that this game has not been able to satisfy the fans 100%.

The most attractive point in One Piece Odyssey is in the character creation and plot close to the original works.

The plot of One Piece Odyssey is said to take place around the second half of the Alabasta Arc, where Luffy wakes up after the entire Straw Hat Pirates were shipwrecked in a storm. Not knowing what to do, our captain has to embark on a quest to explore the deserted island to find clues about his missing crew and find a way to continue the quest to become king. Pirates in the fastest time possible. When Luffy first set foot on this deserted island, I’m sure that 9/10 you will have to admit that One Piece Odyssey is the One Piece game with the best graphics ever when not only character models are available. reproduced very closely to the comics, but also the small details of the game are also invested very carefully from the golden sand at the feet of the characters to the models of bags, food baskets, plants, … They are very carefully referenced from the story and then blown into it with colorful colors that make the game extremely lively. The sound is heavily extracted from the Anime parts so it will be difficult to find the weak point. The gameplay of the game has also changed a lot compared to previous games (which only revolved around chopping and slashing or duels) so it creates a lot of interesting things when you first start playing, typically the battles will have scenes where The whole group is in a weak position that makes you have to change tactics to be able to overcome the challenges easily.

One Piece Odyssey

But perhaps One Piece Odyssey is still in the style of action games or duel everything will probably be more attractive.

And if you’ve noticed, I’ve always said “Initially”, “Just started playing”, only now I can tell you the reason. First in terms of graphics, after being captivated by the initial flashy shell, I had the opportunity to take a close look at the small details inside. If the Model, Tex, FX parts are done quite well, the Animation part of the game seems to be out of breath even looking very stiff, especially with the two characters Zoro and Luffy. In Luffy, when you use skills to drag yourself to different points in the map, when you land, you absolutely do not feel the weight and the force of inertia acting on the character. With Zoro, you just need to use him a lot, it will be clear that his actions and swords don’t have the smoothness needed. About Gameplay The idea of ​​turning One Piece Odyssey into a JRPG with many battles happening at once is great, but the game development team implemented this idea very half-heartedly. That shows through the poor AI design when they only know how to spam one attack continuously from match to match, which leads to you just needing to use, reuse a similar strategy at the end of the match. One game after another, everything will be fine. One of the basic elements of an RPG game is the occurrence of random battles, so manufacturers often find ways to diversify these battles so that players do not get bored. But in One Piece Odyssey the battles have only three variations, which makes you quickly get bored of having to repeat the same action over and over and expect something unexpected to happen (sounds a bit like Vaas). in Far Cry.) Even these battles don’t have the slightest challenge (or do the game makers think that only children are One Piece fans so they make the game so easy?) at all, which turns the whole game into an animated movie. interactive visuals with literally repeating scenes. Not to mention that in stark contrast to the very free-sounding Odyssey name, the game forces players into certain areas for a long period of time with very little to explore around. . So if there’s anything that can hold me back after 4 hours of playing this game, it’s probably because the plot is pretty good built close to the main plot and many opportunities to review my childhood, but there are other good sides. can hardly encourage you to play the game at this time.

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