Paper Wedding Dress – Horror ghost game Only Gia Y Mobile docks in SEA area, with Vietnamese language support

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2021-12-20 23:27:58

INTERNATIONAL_ Vietnamese gamers can experience the game Paper Wedding Dress – English name Paper Bride, when the product is out.

According to the information Game4V has obtained, the game Paper Bride Mobile recently launched the Southeast Asian version, after the mainland market. The main game is the English version of Chi Gia Y – a horror game that we have introduced in many previous articles.

Paper Wedding Dress is an attractive horror mobile game launched with Vietnamese language support

This mobile game is released by Heartbeat Plus. Now available on Google Play and App Store. The plot of the game makes players quite curious and attracted. On the wedding day, the groom turned to look at the bride, and saw that the red wedding dress she was wearing had turned into a white paper wedding dress like a ghost.

In the process of searching for the truth, he constantly encounters strange and monstrous things, and gradually learns the dark customs of the village where the bride lives and the grudge from ancient times…

One thing that cannot be ignored is that the game has a Vietnamese version, so gamers can experience it easily.

The game Just Price Y or Paper Bride is the most popular horror ghost game product today

The game Just Price Y or Paper Bride is the most popular horror ghost game product today

Below the reviews, comments, many gamers give praise for this product. In fact, many people loved this game when the Chinese version first came out.

“Hope the company will release more games like this, really horror decoding games like this are very attractive!” – Gamer Ngoc Bao commented.

“The game is so good, I hope the manufacturer makes more horror games like that. Wait until the game is finally released, always support the manufacturer” – a player with the nickname Binh Do said.

Player Tran Nguyen shared: “The game is super good, relieves all the headaches, I hope the publisher makes more games of this genre”.

Right now, you can download Paper Wedding Dress Mobile game to experience easily with a full Vietnamese interface to experience many exciting emotions.

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