Paranormal Syndrome: The story of the unlucky schoolgirl – P.3

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2022-01-01 04:25:04

Part 3 of Paranormal Syndrome sees Mikoto encounter the event of Saru Yume’s ghost and be chased by two monstrous dwarfs in a dream.

Continuing the story of Paranormal Syndrome P.2, while Hitoshi, Kirisaki and Kaga were still discussing Mikoto’s case of constantly entangled in supernatural stories, the tired schoolgirl fell asleep after the adventure. Stay in the ghost village. Kirisaki felt that the probability of seeing the female student’s ghost was unusually high, so he asked Kaga to investigate more about Kaji ro’s house while he reviewed the records of the Himeno house. While they were dividing the work, Mikoto had a strange dream. In her dream, she saw a group of people waiting in line for the train to depart, but in place of the ticket conductor were two dwarves with sinister faces. The familiar train stop announcement was also replaced by the languid, lifeless voice of a man. When he said “Next station is ikizukuri, ikizukuri”, immediately a guest stepped up and was split into small pieces of meat by two dwarves with hammers and drills.

While Mikoto froze at what she just saw, the languid voice said, “The next station is to cut holes, cut holes”. So the next guest stepped forward so that the two dwarves prepared to use the tool to goug out his eyes. This terrible scene startled Mikoto awake, she did not understand what the meaning of that dream was and why she had dreamed such a terrible thing. She ran to Hitoshi’s office and found that he was the only one left in the police station. Hitoshi reassures Mikoto that maybe she is just too tired after two strange cases to have strange dreams. After that, Hitoshi also advised her to try to sleep no matter what to restore her physical strength because they still have a lot of work to do in the future. With her current state of fatigue, she probably wouldn’t have the strength to participate in that process.

Chapter 3: Saru Yume, a deadly dream on a ghost train

Hearing Hitoshi’s words, even though she was scared, Mikoto still tried to go to sleep and was caught up in the dream again. The other guest had his eyes gouged out and the languid voice announced again with the content “Next station is ground meat, ground meat…”. The most terrible thing happened when Mikoto was the next guest, she didn’t want to be minced into minced meat but her body didn’t obey the instructions and slowly walked towards the two dwarves. In a panic, Mikoto screamed frantically to get out of this horrible dream. Finally, Mikoto was startled awake, but the feeling of the reality of the dream made it impossible for her to sleep again. So she decided to go to Hitoshi’s office. The assistant inspector felt strange, so she asked, but her shy nature made Mikoto not dare to tell the truth, she only asked Hitoshi’s permission to let her sleep here in the hope that if someone was beside her, she would not dream. see more terrible scenes.

Of course, Mikoto’s plan fails when she is dragged into the exact same dream, where two dwarves are waiting to crush the poor schoolgirl. This time, even if she screamed frantically, the dream did not stop. The initial languid announcement voice suddenly became extremely malicious, it told her that she wanted to run away again, don’t try to do anything, it’s just a waste of effort. Although she could not regain consciousness, Mikoto had now regained control of her body, so she ran out of the waiting line to escape to another carriage. At this time, the dwarf with an electric drill chased the girl closely, after passing many empty carriages covered with blood, Mikoto finally found the control room where the device for emergency braking was located. Not having much time to think, she pulled the lever and immediately came out of the horror dream. However, Mikoto felt very strange because she clearly remembered sleeping on the sofa in Hitoshi’s office just now, but when she woke up, she was lying on the bed in the original bedroom.

Continuing the plot of Paranormal Syndrome, the Kikugawa police station is now shrouded in darkness, with no one left but Mikoto and the two dwarves she saw in her dream. At this moment, Mikoto felt extremely bewildered, did they follow her from the dream to reality or was she still dreaming? Only that the dream scene has changed from a train car to a police station? In the process of running away from the pursuit of the two dwarfs, Mikoto realized that the new enemy was really difficult to play. They appear to be unafraid when small objects are thrown at them like the teddy bear Hitori Kakurenbo nor are they afraid of loud sounds like Kunekune. In a panic, Mikoto grabbed everything she could to throw at the monster and it finally let her go temporarily after eating a whole fire extinguisher in the face. In addition, the new enemy also has the ability to manipulate the victim’s mind when many times they use that ability to turn into the illusion of Hitoshi or Yuka, causing Mikoto to lose focus for convenient pursuit.

Paranormal Syndrome

From the notes found while being chased around the police station, Mikoto finally found a clue to get out. She must collect 3 gold, silver, and bronze eggs to get the white card that opens the door to the central room. After the door opens and Mikoto walks through it, the story returns to the real world. It turned out that Mikoto was still sleeping peacefully on the sofa in Hitoshi’s office, the assistant inspector did not know that the female student was having a terrifying escape in her dream. By this time, Kaga had returned to the police station, when talking to Hitoshi he felt that something was wrong even though Mikoto was still asleep. Back in the dream world, after Mikoto walked through the door waiting for her, it was the gloomy scene of the control room on the train from the beginning. The voice announced at this time sounded again, it mocked Mikoto that why she had to struggle, why didn’t she die, wouldn’t everything be much simpler?

Mikoto felt extremely depressed and she also realized that if she died in this monstrous dream, in real life she would probably die from a heart attack while sleeping or something similar. . On the train Mikoto continued to be chased by the monstrous dwarf, but the scene on the train was much more terrifying than the police station when the bones of the previous victims were scattered everywhere. Running to the last car of the train, Mikoto was stuck because there was no way to continue. However, she quickly opened the door of the train, then slid to the side and pushed him down the track. It was not clear if the dwarf was dead, but from the terrible screams that resounded, perhaps his results were not so good. At this moment, a mysterious voice announced from the beginning, accusing her of being a murderer. The scene returned to the police station, Hitoshi and Kaga felt very worried because they couldn’t wake Mikoto, so they wanted to take her to the hospital. However, Kirisaki said that it was just a useless waste of effort because Western medicine proved to be ineffective in the past cases of paranormal events.

Paranormal Syndrome

Back in the dream world of Paranormal Syndrome, at this time the announcement sounded due to a serious accident so the train would have to make an emergency stop and Mikoto also took advantage of this time to get off the train. She followed the track to go forever, until the end of the road, a door appeared, but the signboard said HELL, making her hesitate whether to enter or not. Standing here forever was not a good solution anyway, so in the end Mikoto ignored the sign to move forward. This place seems brighter than the subway area, but the gray color around makes people extremely insecure. In a nearby room Mikoto finds a knife on the table with a note telling her to choose between being killed or killing herself. Leaving the room, she walked forward and was chased by the other dwarf with a hammer. From the beginning of the dream, the guy with the hammer was only in charge of guarding the door so that she could not leave the police station, but perhaps after the death of the accomplice holding the drill, he began to change his position to start the pursuit of her. poor schoolgirl. Fortunately, Mikoto had found a hiding place in time, so he was able to cut off his tail.

While observing this place Mikoto came to the large room with the symbol of the cross upside down, the floor of the room collapsed and below it was filled with a viscous liquid resembling blood. She felt that this place looked like Naraku or hell in Japanese culture. Continuing to explore, Mikoto felt this place was very scary when there was a place filled with small yellow containers with stickers with notes like “right hand, right foot, left hand, left foot, head, me”. She didn’t want to try opening them for fear that the “things” contained in the boxes would be exactly what was stated on the labels. In the central control room, after entering the correct password, Mikoto has the right to quickly teleport into areas such as the slaughter area, the execution area, the sacrifice room… Take advantage of the teleport icons with the Mikoto six-pointed star shape. tricked the hammer-wielding dwarf into the abyss, where the lava was burning. after defeating both dwarves, Mikoto was sent back to the train.

Paranormal Syndrome

At this time, the announcement voice sounded “Next station is ground meat, ground meat…” but it also mentioned that because the meat on the train fought so fiercely, all passengers could participate in the pursuit. it, kill it and devour it. Then the voice asked Mikoto sarcastically, “Meat, are you ready to die now?” However, now a familiar voice said, “No, you are the one to die” after that. There Mikoto awoke from a terrible dream. She hugged Hitoshi sobbing, waiting for the girl to calm down before Kirisaki said that this was probably a paranormal phenomenon or an urban legend called Saru Yume. Accordingly, the person entangled in this phenomenon will be trapped in a dream with the scene of each person dying. The first person is dismembered into pieces, the second has his eyes gouged out while the last one, the main character in the dream will be chopped up like sauce. Of course after dying in a dream in real life they will also die but for some reason like a heart attack while sleeping.

Anyway, now, Mikoto has safely escaped from the paranormal phenomenon Saru Yume in Paranormal Syndrome and many days later she is no longer disturbed by any paranormal phenomena. However, both Hitoshi and the group agreed that the root of the problem was still unresolved and that it was dangerous for Mikoto to leave her alone. They also offered to increase the security for Mikoto Himeno’s event, but their superiors refused because they didn’t see any serious problems. But according to Kaga’s investigation, her friend Yuka’s Kajiro family is not that simple. He discovers that the great-grandfather of the Kajiro family had migrated to the Tsukushi region of Japan long ago and that he is a “fui” or medium in modern languages. The Kajiro family has been famous for their exorcisms for several hundred years, but about 400 years ago, their descendants suddenly stopped practicing exorcism and returned to the lives of ordinary people. . Not even Yuka’s father, the victim of the Hitori Kakurenbo ritual, who was the head of the Kajiro family, didn’t know his ancestors were ever so famous. What happened to the ancestors of the Kajiro family, let’s continue the story at the end of Paranormal Syndrome okay!

To be continued…

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