Post-apocalyptic survival game

Post-apocalyptic survival game


2021-12-21 01:35:07

CrisisX Last Survival Game will take players through an extremely realistic and immersive survival experience, with a unique open world system

CrisisX Last Survival Game will take players through an extremely realistic and engaging survival experience, through 3D graphics and a beautiful open world.

CrisisX Last Survival Game will direct players to focus on the survival action game style with a dominant third-person perspective. The game is developed by Huntergame, introduces players to the open world context. Experiencing many places, there are many threats that allow you to experience the feeling of survival in a world full of undead zombies that are always stalking you. The Beta version is currently available in Malaysia and the Philippines, but other regions will soon open so that all gamers around the world can soon experience it.

The beginning of a nightmare

The content of the game will bring players to the beautiful seaside town of Oakport, which has been awakened by the president’s warning about an outbreak of a mysterious, deadly spore infection. It wiped out most of the people in the area within a few days and continues to spread.

People are scattered in the streets, soon they realize their house is turning into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, zombies roam all over the city, infrastructure is destroyed, society and civilization have completely collapsed. Now that you and your family are separated while trying to run away, no one but you will have to learn how to fight to survive in a world full of dangers that await.

Explore in the world of CrisisX

You will begin your journey through creating a unique character, to explore the open world on a scale that can be said to be the largest ever on mobile. You are ready for free raids and check out the life inside the cities, face the terrifying resurrected dead or search for food supply locations located in the outback. You will have to learn to face many dangerous missions to bring back the loot during the game.

Survive by the rules to live long

Players must always find a way to survive by looking for sources of food, water or essential items to maintain life. Sometimes they have to cut trees, gather and even hunt to survive.

Gamers also have many other activities to do such as building their own shelter. Mining minerals, construction, livestock and farming. As well as explore many mysterious locations, where there are many puzzles waiting for you to solve to win valuable rewards.

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