Pre-Season 2023: 5 important changes and instructions on how to effectively go Jungle

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2022-11-24 04:09:30

Pre-Season 2023: 5 important changes and instructions on how to effectively go Jungle

There will be many noticeable changes after the 2023 Pre-Season version officially lands on the Vietnamese server, what are the changes and how to effectively go to the jungle is what many gamers have. care about.

Up to now, the 2023 Pre-Season version has officially landed on the Vietnamese server with the ping system, the amount of gold and experience coming from many changes and additions of equipment…

Gamers also can’t ignore many changes towards the jungle position such as spirits, punishments, monster camps or even Hoa Ky Dragon… Let’s take a look at the important changes with in Pre-Season 2013 as well as the most effective way to go to the Forest.

TOP 1: Jungle and Spirit equipment

In version Pre-Season 2023jungle gear has changed completely and is no longer 2 Daggers aimed at 2 basic types of Smite, but instead will be jungle spirits.

There are 3 types of spirits corresponding to 3 starting Jungle equipment including Fire Dog, Wind Ho and Moc Long.

The price of the starting Jungle Spirit Soul item will also vary from 350 to 450 and players can only purchase 1 health potion.

These spirits will support the jungler with attacks once per paper and quickly restore health and mana to the jungler.

Spirits will also increase in strength Spirit Progress rely on some big straps as well as participate in taking down enemies with up to 40 food.

When eating the stored food, the player will get 50 gold and the spirit will get 2 food, the food reserve will be restored after 60 seconds before the spirit reaches the last level of evolution, ie not yet. enough 40 food and 90s after having enough 40 food.

The effect of each spirit after evolving will also be different, but they can be simply understood as Fire Dog – red punishment when punishing an enemy will deal additional damage and slow. Feng Ho – blue punishment grants mobility when entering the bush and killing large monsters.

Wood Dragon – green punishment grants shield, effect resistance, and slow resistance.

TOP 2: Punishment

With the change to the Jungle item, the Summoner Spell Smite also has many changes to be more suitable for the garden in the 2023 Pre-Season.

The most noticeable thing is that the amount of Smite’s damage is changed to match the amount of food they get for the spirits instead of activating the full number of punishments as before.

punish league of legends

Accordingly, the base Smite is increased damage from 450 -600, the spirit evolves elementary when it reaches 20 food, Smite deals 900 damage and when it completes the advanced evolution it can deal Deals 1200 damage and 50% damage to nearby monsters.

Players can quickly track the current Smite milestone through the change image of this summoner spell. At 20/40 spirit food, players can Smite on enemy champions, dealing damage and slowing them.

A note in the 2023 Pre-Season version is that Smite on jungle monsters no longer heals, limiting yourself to being in a dangerous situation.

TOP 3: Jungle monster changes

In the 2023 Pre-Season, there will be quite a few changes to the jungle monsters, but there will be some changes that players need to keep in mind.

– Changed to jungle camps, all camps get increased health and reduced AD in the 2023 Pre-Season patch.

pre-season jungle monster 2023

However, the amount of damage dealt by jungle monsters will be based on the current percentage of the enemy champion, so with Smite there will be no longer healing and only 1 health pot left.

That’s why junglers need to hit and run accurately to keep the best health in the first jungle rounds.

The Stone Man yard has been modified to have a smaller number of small monsters so that it doesn’t take too long for players to clear them.

The jungle monster’s patience range is now also reduced to the point that it is more difficult for the player to lead the monster.

However, the “big man” Riot Game also changed the impatient mechanism of jungle monsters that will not be able to run back to full recovery but only “slightly change” for a short period of time.

The player is also warned if out of patience range as the jungle monster’s patience also decreases rapidly afterwards.

This impatience in the current version will also prevent junglers from having situations where they can eat 2 camps at the same time, even if it is Blue buff and Toad Toad.

TOP 4: Recommend forest ring

Just like in the testing phase, Riot Games has officially recommended the jungle ring for the jungler. Accordingly, players can use the Tab key to see the full recommendations in the early game or follow turns on the mini map.

2023 pre-season jungle round

These recommendations will also be perfectly suitable for players who are new or not very experienced in the jungle position.

TOP 5: Forest Robbery

The looting process will no longer be as effective as it was before, as aggressive junglers take longer to loot because they no longer take 20% damage against enemy monsters.

In addition, even if the forest bandit is, you should not be too worried because the opponent will ignore the small jungle monsters that will be Marked for Death and lie down after being defeated by the big monster in just 10 seconds.

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Guide to Jungle in the 2023 Pre-Season

Thus, after a period of jungle experience in the 2023 Pre-Season version, it can be realized that the jungle phase has not changed too much compared to before, but is really an important and strong position. stronger than in previous seasons.

First of all, about the choice of forest spirits, most players are more towards Fire Dog as well as Wind Ho, which increases damage and mobility when the spirit evolves to the highest level.

2023 pre-season jungle

Meanwhile, Moc Long with shield and effect resistance will be suitable for a few champions who need to survive long in fights or opponents with too many control effects.

Next is the jungle ring, because the Stoneman is reduced in number and the weird Crab appears late at 3p30s, so the jungler in the 2023 Pre-Season has priority over clearing the full 6-yard jungle.

Of course, players can eat 3 yards 1 forest to level 3 or even 1 yard and then gank like previous versions to create a surprise.

Subsequent jungle rounds and objectives remain the same so players can clear jungle camps and gank as usual.

However, you should give more priority to farming to accumulate food for spirits so that you can evolve to a higher milestone and get 50 gold per food hoarded if the probability of successful ganking is not high.

Plants in the forest can also be increased and they have the ability to outperform normal thanks to the Dragon Chemistry map.

Therefore, the recent jungling brothers should also eat clean because the camps will be completely defeated when the big monsters lie down.

Meanwhile, in terms of the jungle ring proposal, this is also considered one of the factors that are okay without it because it will be more suitable for new players.


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