Pyke rune, guide to playing and building Pyke season 13

Pyke rune, guide to playing and building Pyke season 13


2023-03-30 21:40:55

Red Water Assassin – Pyke is a few of the support champions that carry the killer generals. The dynamic gameplay and compatibility with many types of runes and equipment make him interesting in the eyes of gamers. Join to learn about how to play and how to add the latest Pyke gems season 13 right below.

Pyke’s Gem Board

Introduced at first as a support champion, but in the process of playing, gamers discovered Pyke’s hegemonic laning ability and let him join the Top and Mid lanes. Accordingly, his jade table is also diverse.

Pyke SP

Pyke support rune has a main branch Consistently make him stronger with the fighting phase.

  • Aftershocks: When hooking an enemy back with Q or stunning a champion with E activates an aftershock that greatly increases its resistance and deals magic damage to an area around Pyke after 2.5 seconds.
  • Destructive Destruction: Supports the gunner to destroy turrets faster when dealing more damage to turrets based on maximum health.
  • Armor skeleton: Early game exchanges will block significant damage from champions.
  • Resilience: Effect resistance increases when he is low health making it easier to escape from combat.
  • In the sub-branch select Overwhelming: Simple Shot Causes the target to take additional damage from all sources when controlled by Pyke. Treasure Hunter gives him extra gold for taking out each enemy champion for the first time.
  • Complement Gems: 9 + 9 adaptive power, 6 armor.

Pyke Mid rune board

Main branch Overwhelm helping the Red Water Assassin to deal faster damage to his target, the mid laner Pyke’s rune also focuses on movement speed to help him roam effectively.

Electric Shock Pyke rune for massive damage stacks!
Electric Shock Pyke rune for massive damage stacks!

  • Electric shock: Shock damage with 3 skills or consecutive attacks on champions.
  • Simple shot: Controlled targets take additional damage from all sources.
  • Collect eyeballs: Participating in finishing off enemy champions and accumulating adaptive power.
  • Ruthless Hunter: Gaining extra out-of-combat movement speed allows him to move to support lanes faster.
  • In the sub-branch select Magical: Two gems quickly and Thuy Thuong adventure making Pyke appear only in Mid but in Bot in just a few seconds thanks to the huge increase in movement speed.
  • Complement Gems: 10% attack speed, 9 adaptive power, 6 armor.

Pyke Top Gems Table

Pyke rune to Top uses Sword Rain to deal quick damage with a bit of resistance from the secondary rune, main pick Overwhelm.

The newest top laner Pyke Rune in season 13.
The Rain of Swords rune for the latest top laner Pyke season 13.

  • Sword Rain: When close to an enemy Pyke launches 3 super-fast attacks thanks to this gem and deals damage to finish the enemy quickly.
  • Simple shot: Control deals extra damage to champions.
  • Zombie eyes: Better vision control and increased AD at 10 stacks.
  • Ultimate Hunter: Participate in killing champions that accumulate ultimate cooldown.
  • In the sub-branch of pearls Consistently: Gem Bone Armor Block damage when fighting with enemy champions. Resilience have more control resistance when low health.
  • Complement Gems: 10% attack speed, 9 adaptive power, 6 armor.

How to build Pyke

Depending on the lane position and the Pyke rune, players have different ways to customize the item, here are the 3 most popular equipment sets of this assassin.

How to build Pyke SP

The equipment of the Pyke assassin when going to support is lethal and cooldown reduction, the favorite equipment for Pyke SP is as follows:

How to build Pyke SP season 13.

  • Dark Sword: Cheap equipment with relatively high lethality and damage, passive for vision control suitable for support.
  • Mobility shoes: Pyke is a roaming champion so this shoe is the best choice.
  • Dark Sword Draktharr: Deals extra damage to champions, when they are killed within 3 seconds of the attack, Pyke will become invisible, making him very unpredictable.
  • Youmuu Ghost Sword.
  • Shadow Cloak: Blocking an enemy champion’s ability increases the chance to charge.
  • Angel Armor.

How to build Pyke Mid

Pyke when playing in single lane, in addition to the ability to maneuver, also need to add a little push item to be able to clear the wave of minions and gank soon.

How to build Pyke to Mid.

  • Dark claws: Activating dash increases the range of E (stun).
  • Ionian Enlightenment Shoes: Fast cooldown helps Pyke continuously use his ability to poke enemies.
  • Serpent ax: Gives the ability to quickly clear troops.
  • Youmuu Ghost Sword.
  • Black ax.
  • Shadow cloak.

How to build Pyke Top

Still the same damage equipment but increasing the resistance, Pyke’s Top kit is different from the mid lane as follows:

How to build Pyke to Top.

  • Dark Sword Draktharr: The ability to solo kill the top lane is better.
  • Mobility shoes.
  • Serpent ax: Clear minions quickly to roam mid or jungle support.
  • Black ax: Combined with the Rain of Sword gems, Pyke has the ability to quickly break opponent’s armor.
  • Shadow cloak.
  • Death dance: The burst damage when being ganked will convert 15% to damage over time, limiting “peeking” for a few seconds.

How to play Pyke

Summoner Spell Pyke

Pyke can go multi-position with many different roles, but the most popular Red Water Assassin’s summoner spell is still Flash + Ignite for all 3 positions.

In some cases, if the enemy is a champion with high burst damage, consider changing it to Flash + Exhaustion.

The Pyke spell season 13.

Order of raising Pyke skill

Pyke’s main damage and counter-effect skill is Q – Bone Piercing, max this first to benefit on cooldown and skill damage per level. Specifically, the order to raise Pyke: Q > E > W, R raise the right level.

Order of raising Pyke skills.

Pyke’s gameplay

When playing Pyke, players need to take advantage of moments such as pushing waves of minions to enemy turrets, enemy champions disappearing… To quickly roam ganking to support other lanes and bring back kills.

Try to keep a good eye on the enemy champion’s health bar when below the “can kill” display to use the ultimate to bring back the life and especially to divide the money among teammates. This Pyke passive can give your team a huge gold lead.

How to counter Pyke

Causing a lot of discomfort due to the skill set has a lot of control and big shock damage, but Pyke also has many easy ways to counter it such as choosing anti-heroes and getting the right equipment.

Hero counter Pyke

Other champions against Pyke are champions that have the ability to control, push and immune effects such as: Taric, Morgana, Janna, Thresh… When you can disable the ability E – Spooky water, Pyke has a high chance of having to give up. network.

Champion counter Pyke season 13.

Equipment counter Pyke

Assassin Pyke is very afraid to attack champions with defensive equipment that block skills such as: Cross Necklace, Zhonya Hourglass, Dark Cloak…

Players need to practice a lot with this general Pyke to be able to use his special directional skills. Remember to save the way to build and how to adjust the Pyke rune table above and reap more victories with the Red Water Assassin.

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