‘Quality of play’ like a gamer Sword The Origin, Offline is extremely crowded even though the game … has not been officially released yet

‘Quality of play’ like a gamer Sword The Origin, Offline is extremely crowded even though the game … has not been officially released yet


2023-03-21 10:01:13

After a few days of experiencing Apha Test 2 servers, S1 and S2 of Kiem The Origin, gamers quickly established a guild and organized it offline to connect, counting down to wait for the official launch date of the game on March 27.

Last March 9, Sword The Origin officially opened the second Alpha Test phase, welcoming thousands of gamers to experience and contribute ideas. In the previous phase 1, players were introduced to the game version with complete interface and graphics, discovering some bold features of Sword The World. This time, the two servers S1 and S2 as soon as they opened were always full of gamers and moreover, there were many positive comments contributed. But perhaps the most successful part of Alpha Test 2 is the recognition from gamers of a game that evokes beautiful memories of 2009’s Sword World with new improvements.

Memories of Sword That is here!

The name Kiem The is always remembered as one of the kings of the swordplay series in the Vietnamese market. Although there were many similar games later, but Kiem The still left a strong mark and strong vitality in the hearts of many generations of gamers. As soon as the news that VNGGames will release the original KingSoft version of Sword The Origin, many gamers are eager to experience it because Kiem The brings back memories and nostalgia they are hard to find in other games.

In the Alpha Test 2 phase, through the posts shared on the group, it can be seen that a large number of players are “early” gamers, many of whom are loyal fans of the Sword The game series from 14 years ago. During their discussions, the familiar concepts, features, and activities of Sword World were repeated in a nostalgic tone. Although many years have passed, gamers still keep a gaming habit or have a favorite feature when it comes to Sword The World. Some people work diligently for their wealth, while others are still passionate about the task of delivering goods to the family after many years.

Some gamers have not had the opportunity to experience this phase, but have long been “located” at the guilds of Sword The Origin. Here, they are not afraid to ask questions about the similarities between the latest version and the 2009 version, curious to know if their once-favorite features are still retained. Only then can we see how the Kiem The – VLTK series has a loyal fan base and how Kiem The Origin is expected to meet the wishes of the majority of gamers.

Let’s contribute ideas together for a better Swordsmanship

With a launch roadmap with two full Alpha Tests, Kiem The Origin ensures that the contributions of gamers after experiencing the test will be fully acknowledged and responded to. The publisher VNGGames has launched the Alpha Test 2 error event and received from the genuine game code when the official version was released. Being veteran gamers and having a strong passion for the Sword The game series, many players quickly contributed their opinions on the group. Posts appeared more and more, all neatly presented, giving a positive opinion with the criterion – contributing to a better Sword.

The players chatted and discussed in a civilized way, noting each other’s opinions very positively. The atmosphere on the group is not only bustling because of participating to receive codes anymore, but the community is really interacting with each other because they share a love for the game that used to be their youth. Regardless of the version, Kiem The always has a truly engaged community of gamers, dedicated to the game and for the common good of everyone.

Gamers from 63 provinces and cities find a state and form an association claiming to be a mobile emperor

Not only owns a large number of players, but Kiem The Origin also has a community of players from many different provinces in Vietnam. This is easily seen through posts looking for teammates on groups, gamers are excited to introduce their locality to facilitate communication and make friends more easily. From North to South, Sword The Origin gamers are looking for friends and forming a state, ready to stand shoulder to shoulder and explore the country. Probably on the day the game officially launched, many guilds were ready to fight after a period of getting acquainted and practicing together.

More enthusiastically, some states that have just met at the two servers S1 and S2 quickly made an appointment to meet in real life. Offline sessions between many gamers of all ages, professions, and life situations have taken place, this moment shared on the group also contributes to spreading a positive spirit, making the community even more anxious about it. the day he was proclaimed king formed a team with his brothers. Although the new game was officially launched on March 27, Kiem The Origin seems to have become a common home for fans of the role-playing game series, everyone happily welcomes each other as members of a family. .

Sword The Origin will officially launch on March 27, gamers when pre-registering (https://kto.onelink.me/9biK/w0joum73) will immediately receive Sword Venerable God Horse with Unmatched Gift Pack and Eternal Title. In the first version, the game will launch 10 sects and 20 familiar sects in the genre of swordplay and love and both recreate and develop the quintessence of martial arts and the identity of the Sword The game series from PC up. mobile.

Let’s wait for the latest information from Kiem The Origin at:

Download game: https://kto.onelink.me/9biK/w0joum73

Home page: https://kto.vnggames.com/kiemtheorigin

Fanpage: http://facebook.com/kiemtheorigin

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