Revealing 20 teams at FBANG SEA EC 2021

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2022-01-02 07:01:21

The 20 strongest teams in 10 Southeast Asian countries converged at FBANG SEA EC 2021, including two teams from Vietnam.

On December 29, FBANG SEA EC 2021 announced a list of 20 talented teams from 10 countries in the region including Brunei (BUAH Gaming – Auto Too Soon), Cambodia (Orange Play – AngKor PUBG), Indonesia. (RRQ – Bonafide), Laos (Addfriend – Nine Esports), Malaysia (Geek Fam – 4Rivals Alliance), Myanmar (Yangon Galacticos – Genesis Esports), Philippines (Beta Sentinel – M42 Esports), Singapore (Farang SG – Mugen), Thailand Lan (Faze Clan – The Infinity) and Vietnam (DXavier – Eagle Esport).

This promises to be a well-balanced competition between the teams, the victory will be won for the team with excellent tactics and movements. It can be said that FBANG SEA EC 2021 is a great tournament to open a new year full of e-sports.

Each country will have two candidates competing at the first major tournament to be held in Southeast Asia. DXavier and Eagle Esport are the two names that have received the most attention from the media and fans in the country because they are the best Vietnamese representatives participating in the world arena.

PUBG Mobile: Revealing 20 teams at FBANG SEA EC 2021

As for DXavier, they possess a smooth tactical operation and the ability to link together very well with the nickname “boggart” of PUBG Mobile Vietnam. Meanwhile, Eagle Esport has the survival power that is the most important thing in PUBG Mobile. This will be a mysterious factor that helps the team reap many surprises in this tournament.

PUBG Mobile: Revealing 20 teams at FBANG SEA EC 2021

FBANG SEA EC 2021 will be held on January 3, 2022. Let’s follow the two Vietnamese candidates on this new journey and maybe they will bring the prestigious championship cup back to the country!

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