Review game Where the Heart Leads adventure game genre

Review game Where the Heart Leads adventure game genre


2021-12-21 03:49:48

Where the Heart Leads game review is a story-driven adventure game that leaves a lot of sense. The game takes you to key moments in the life of the character Whit Anderson. If you have the opportunity, please join and experience it.

Where the Heart Leads game review​

After falling into the pit of death, Whit begins to find his way back to his beloved family. On that journey, the protagonist reminisces about special moments in his life. It is also a series of options that the player must decide.

Where the Heart Leads game review​

Based on your desire to help Sege in front of parents about future orientation to many other “brain damage” situations. Each decision leads to a different outcome that affects the fate of the connections, resulting in extremely high replayability for Where the Heart Leads.

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Rate the game Where the Heart Leads unique points

The game has a rather unique look when it is styled like a storybook. The graphics in Where the Heart Leads, especially the environment design, are extremely beautiful with vibrant colors and amazing levels of specificity. With the exception of Whit Anderson, most of the characters only appear as gray and white shadows.

Each character left a deep impression

Made me inevitably feel drawn into their story. At first, it was just curiosity, but the resulting feelings of interest and anxiety gradually took over the writer’s later experience.

Even stylized the game’s art

Also changes through the environment creation factor is quite interesting. These changes take place according to the player’s determination in the game’s trial usage. Specifically, where the Whit family lives changes the image when you let Sege act the project for the city. On the contrary, if the player makes a move to stop the above project, the whole neighborhood will have a different face with many sculptures. This is the excellent plus point in environmental design that Where the Heart Leads really impressed me.

Not only that, another impression

Where the Heart Leads game review nHey, the Whit family also has a new image adjustment when the weather changes seasons. The whole setting is not only put on a new visual paint, but the visual aspect also has an interesting connection and many surprises in the story.

Where The Heart Leads - Release Date Reveal Trailer |  PS5, PS4 - YouTube
Not only that, another impression

It is light but still full of emotions, bringing a lot of breath from life. During the first two hours of trial use, Where the Heart Leads takes players in the footsteps of Whit from childhood to adulthood with a well-crafted pacing.

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The scriptwriter writes very well

Know when to include new events to clean up or give players a different feel. For example, there was a time in Whit’s life that seemed to end his experience, but Where the Heart Leads boldly opened a new turn for the story that surprised me. The growth team is also quite delicate in keeping the emotions of the players very well balanced. The game plot never makes you too long in front of the fate of the characters when watching their ups and downs.

Not just Whit Anderson

Any character in the trial game also feels like a real person because it’s extremely normal. They are also full of imperfections like humans, but not without blemishes. You even have the ability to see someone in real life from the Where the Heart Leads characters themselves. Every plot twist has an agent and an effect at some point, often during times when the player doesn’t expect it. They also bring a lot of breath from life just like how to create the characters in the trial.

From the player’s perspective

Where the Heart Leads Review - Gamereactor
From the player’s perspective

Where the Heart Leads game review only the biggest minus point is that the interaction is sometimes quite complicated, especially with NPCs. In many situations, I have to control Whit to move around the characters and find a certain position for the interaction prompt to appear, sometimes I have to walk and press the interactive button continuously waiting for “lucky”. It wasn’t until later that I realized that Whit had to stand directly in front of the character when he wanted to interact. However, this condition is not always easy to act when the NPC stands with his back in a certain corner.

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