Riot Games announced it will remove ‘bots’ from Summoner’s Rift

Riot Games announced it will remove ‘bots’ from Summoner’s Rift

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2023-01-28 18:06:01

With the new anti-cheat system, Riot Games is working to remove bot accounts from fair matches in League of Legends.

In League of Legends as well as many other popular games, it is not uncommon for matches to appear bots (machines). Basically, this greatly affects the experience of the gaming community, especially team-based online games like League of Legends.

So recently, Riot Games announced that the company is speeding up the process of removing bots from League of Legends:

Announcement that Riot Games is removing bots from League of Legends.

“Starting today, we are speeding up the removal of bots from League of Legends. Feel free to message me any bots you come across in the future, especially in non-Co-Op mode.” – Riot K3o shared about the plan for League of Legends.

According to research, bots in League of Legends are used by many players around the world, especially account trading companies. The purpose is to “plow” levels, champions, mastery, costumes (from quests), … for accounts and sell them on websites. This makes a lot of gamers uncomfortable if they have to “carry” a bot on their team, because in the game, bots don’t do as much as real players.

Previously, Riot Games said they were developing a new anti-cheat system (after a group of hackers stole game data). But Riot K3o works in the field of fraud prevention (in-game) at Riot Games, so it is highly likely that the system of preventing tools, hacks, cheats, bots, etc. in the future of Riot Games will be completely renewed. . This way, gamers will not worry about being ruined by the “superheroes” in Summoner’s Rift anymore.

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