Riot Games makes a fatal mistake when trying to prevent toxic behavior

Riot Games makes a fatal mistake when trying to prevent toxic behavior


2023-03-18 03:29:16

Riot Games makes a fatal mistake when trying to prevent toxic behavior

Riot Games’ action to prevent toxic behavior by group chat has made many gamers angry because of being unfairly punished, this feature needs to be changed.

Recently, Riot Games attracted attention when releasing a new feature called “Private Chat with teammates”. Accordingly, in a team of 5 players including any player and their friends and some strangers, this feature will help people in the same party communicate with each other without the remaining strangers. know. This feature is considered to help players vent their anger if a stranger has a game-breaking phenomenon.

But recently this feature backfired when Riot Games recently reviewed a match that players reported, they proceeded to filter the communication in the game, including conversations in a private chat frame. However, Riot Games’ tool does not distinguish between private communication and normal communication. Therefore, it has led to the fact that private jokes with friends are also considered toxic and have to be beaten.

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This situation was shared by an account on the League of Legends community and quickly attracted attention. Under the post, many people expressed concern when Riot Games introduced a new feature to make players more comfortable but did not clearly classify each case, leading to unjust punishment.

It is still known that toxic behavior requires strict handling, but “Private Chat” is a privacy-promoting feature. Moreover, joking with friends sometimes does not fall within a certain limit, so it is difficult to avoid the review standards of Riot Games.

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Being unjustly penalized for “Private group chat” will sometimes cause this feature to lose its original good purpose. Over time, it is likely that this will be a redundant feature that Riot adds to League of Legends if the publisher does not listen and make timely modifications.

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