Riot has a nerf ready in case Top lane Vayne gets too strong

Riot has a nerf ready in case Top lane Vayne gets too strong

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2023-03-19 09:35:26

The League of Legends development team recently made some adjustments to avoid a strong return of the Top lane Vayne trend.

Ignoring the general changes to ADC last season, Vayne – a popular champion has not received any tweaks to the kit in the past 3 years. Coming to the current season of League of Legends, when bot lane is turning into melee battles at a very early stage of the game, a champion that needs a lot of time like Vayne will be extremely weak. According to U.GG, Vayne only has a 48.54% win rate in bot lane – this ratio will decrease as you play in higher Ranked tiers. At the Challenger tier, Vayne’s win rate bottomed out at just 41.9%.

To make Vayne’s Early Game easier, Riot decided to buff Shadowhunters in the upcoming patch 13.6. Specifically, in the next version of League of Legends, Vayne will have some adjustments as follows:


Passive – Shadowhunter:

  • Movement Speed ​​increased from 30 to 45

Q skill – Acrobatics:

  • Attack Damage ratio increased from 60 – 80% to 75 – 115%
  • Duration reduced from 7 to 3 seconds

Skill W – Silver Arrow:

  • Damage changed from 4 – 12% to 6 – 10%

This change is expected to help Vayne have a stronger damage output in the early game, although there are still weaknesses such as short arm span or not quickly clearing minions. But in general, Riot has increased a lot of damage and movement speed to help Shadowhunters exchange stronger moves with opponents. However, on March 15, the League of Legends development team removed the movement speed buff because of concerns that Top Lane Vayne would return.

Riot Phroxzon announced that it has prepared a list of changes to reduce the power of Top lane Vayne

More specifically, Riot Phrxzon – the head of Summoner’s Rift design team announced that they have prepared a list of changes if Top Lane Vayne becomes OP. It can be seen that Riot also understands the hearts of players, especially in the Top lane when facing Vayne.

Top lane Vayne has never been an official pick for this position in the LoL meta series. However, many players still regularly use Shadowhunters to crush short-handed Gladiators in the Early Game. In contrast, facing Vayne Top has never been a good experience for the vast majority of players who like to go Top. Therefore, the announcement that Riot is ready to nerf Vayne Top if she becomes OP will give players some peace of mind.

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