Riot Phreak wants Yuumi to disappear from the pro tournament in patch 13.1b

Riot Phreak wants Yuumi to disappear from the pro tournament in patch 13.1b

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2023-01-28 22:07:52

Despite receiving a catastrophic nerf, Riot Phreak believes they are only aiming for Yuumi’s performance in the professional arena without affecting the Ranked matches.

In patch 13.1b, Yuumi continued to suffer a heavy nerf from her base stats to her Passive, W and E skills. Although fans disagreed when thinking that Riot was being too heavy-handed because Yuumi was not strong in Ranked matches, Phreak raised his point of view to defend the opinion of the development team.

To answer questions from fans, Riot Phreak has a video about a series of changes in version 13.1. Among them, Phreak also has an explanation for the nerf Yuumi as he thinks that the main purpose of the Magic Cat in this version is to make her disappear from the professional scene.

Phreak also emphasized that the changes to Yuumi will only make the Magic Cat weaker in the pro tournament. Power down to Yuumi’s Passive or base stats – which is not so important for many players of this champion in Ranked matches, but is seriously abused by professional gamers.

In addition, Phreak also thinks that this change is necessary even though it may cause Yuumi to have a bad win rate in matches after patch 13.1b. But anyway, Riot has also planned to remake the Magic Cat in the future and Yuumi’s bad performance will only be a premise for Riot to easily design a more perfect champion.

“I’m pretty sure Yuumi will disappear from the pro tournament. We dropped a lot of the stats needed for the laning phase, to make this champion less than ideal for the pro scene.” – Phreak is confident that the changes in patch 13.1b will make Yuumi disappear from major tournaments.

Phreak admits he wished Yuumi would be heavily nerfed. He wants pro players to stop abusing this champion, and Yuumi won’t be banned much in Ranked matches anymore because Phreak thinks this champion is not worth everyone’s fighting.

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