Riot quickly released a hotfix to reduce the power of Yuumi rework

Riot quickly released a hotfix to reduce the power of Yuumi rework


2023-03-13 16:17:32

Not only because of game bugs, Yuumi is becoming so strong that Riot has to reduce the power of Magic Cat in the recent hotfix.

Similar to what many League of Legends players have predicted, the Yuumi rework has made this Magic Cat more OP – similar to her strength when it was not changed much by Riot.

Riot Phroxzon, the lead designer on the development team of Summoner’s Rift of League of Legends, explained on Twitter that the Q – Drifting Arrow skill is giving too much damage in the late ranks. So they released a hotfix to reduce the base damage of this skill from 80 – 380 to 80 – 355, in addition, the amount of Slow was also reduced from 55 – 80% to 50 – 65%. The hotfix was released only two days after the Yuumi rework appeared in version 13.5 of League of Legends. Up until that point, according to statistics site U.GG, Yuumi is enjoying a 49.94% win rate and a 32.7% Ban rate – proving players still feel uncomfortable if confronted with a match. Magic Cat.

Riot Phroxzon thinks Yuumi’s Q skill is too strong.

Phroxzon also explained that the League of Legends development team realized they had launched the Yuumi rework that was a bit too strong – something Riot didn’t want to happen when it had a headache to balance her before. Therefore, the development team is still considering and testing changes to reduce the power of Yuumi’s other skills in many future versions of the game. In addition, Phroxzon has specifically emphasized that they will definitely reduce the power of R – Last Chapter because it’s too cool, in addition to adjusting the buddy mechanism to be more balanced..

Yuumi has been one of the most difficult champions to balance in League of Legends since the Magic Cat joined Summoner’s Rift in 2019. During the past 4 years, not only players but also pros have spoke out to express their concern about the “unbalance” of League of Legends regarding Yuumi – a Wizard Support that can stick to allies to stay untargeted, but provide Heal. , Shield or increase damage so strong that it is unbelievable.

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