Role-playing game possesses beautiful graphics to enchanting

Role-playing game possesses beautiful graphics to enchanting


2021-12-21 22:28:32

Seven Knights Revolution is an MMORPG game announced in 2019, but the official trailer has just been revealed.

Seven Knights Revolution is an MMORPG that was announced in 2019. But recently, Netmarble has revealed a 1-minute trailer to officially introduce the game to the gamer community.

The game tells about the next developments of the story after the hero Seven Knights disappeared without a trace. While everyone was still confused and worried, a new generation of heroes appeared. They are a group of 7 girls and boys currently studying in an academy. To save the world from chaos, this group of heroes will have to carry out the given missions.

Seven Knights Revolution: Quality RPG from Korea

Entering the world in the game, players will be free to choose the character they are about to transform into. The task of gamers is just to collect hero cards to transform and use their skills through that card. According to information, there were about 30 hero cards when the game was released. Players can also use different weapons to fight. And will be joining your friends to conquer everywhere on the map.

Specific release date of Seven Knights Revolution has not yet been announced. However, on December 8, Netmarble announced that the Korean community of players can now pre-register for this attractive game. Successful subscribers will receive several skins, hero cards and premium resource packs after the game’s successful launch.

The game is also expected to be released in early 2022. So players hurry up and register for a spot!

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