Saigon Buffalo will not keep its old name, ‘Buffalo’ is just a memory

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2022-12-03 10:40:11

According to what Saigon Buffalo announced on the fanpage, VCS Summer 2022 is the last tournament of the “Bow Buffalo” in the Esports village.

2 days ago, Saigon Buffalo was officially acquired by JUEGO, many fans are quite happy because the “red color” of VCS will no longer have to worry about costs or sponsors like before.

But recently, this team also announced a news that made many fans sad on official Twitter:

“The team lineup will be transferred to the new organization but the Buffalo brand will be ‘retired’. “Mr Buffalo” himself was on his way to leave. Sad for the brand but good for the team.” – SGB’s Twitter fan page announced.

According to the SGB announcement, the “Buffalo” brand will no longer appear in the VCS 2023 season. Instead, it is highly likely that this team will change its name to JUEGO or CNJ esports (DH.CNJ esports) in the near future.

Besides, with the departure of “Mr. Buffalo”, this team will probably have a new image of “Mr. Owl” – the mascot that appeared in the announcement as well as the cover photo of SGB in recent days.

Picture "Mr. Cu" appear in both the team transfer announcement and the SGB cover art.

The image of “Mr Owl” appeared in both the team transfer announcement and the cover photo of SGB.

After seeing this announcement, the “good brother” of VCS – PSG Talon also left a sad comment: “No…” with a crying face icon.

PSG Talon is sad to see that LoL is no longer “Mr Buffalo” – SGB.

As for the roster that SGB brought to the new organization, the names still under contract in the main roster are BeanJ with Shogun and Taki, as well as two substitutes RiBell and Richard.

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