SBTC Esports officially entered Free Fire with the defending champion lineup of VFL

SBTC Esports officially entered Free Fire with the defending champion lineup of VFL


2023-01-15 15:26:51

No longer a rumor about Teacher Three and “Free Fire”, SBTC Esports has officially “run” into the Free Fire community.

A few days ago, the photo of two popular streamers, Teacher Ba and Uncle Bear, attracted the attention of a large number of online communities. Many fans also speculated that the two would have a content collaboration in the future.

However, today, the fanpage of “Tam Ke Hoi” has announced that this organization will land in the Free Fire community.

Official announcement from SBTC Esports.


SBTC Esports encroached on Free Fire with the Vietnam champion lineup.

All four names ThaiSon, Neo, Artemis, Hand from HQ Esports Free Fire – the defending VFL champion have officially changed their colors and joined SBTC Esports, and marked SBTC’s ambition in the sport. leading mobile electronics in Vietnam.

SBTC Esports is ready to conquer every title in the new arena from the content cup, the cup in the hearts of the fans to the championship in Vietnam and the international arena.

SE, please follow and support the Free Fire team in the upcoming journeys.

This season is our season!” – “Red Chicken” announced.

With the joining of the quartet ThaiSon, Neo, Artemis and Hand from HQ Esports, the SE player has had “orthodox” trophies instead of “cups in the hearts of fans”.

In addition, with this new cooperation, the gaming community speculates that Teacher Ba and the members “Living With Love” will be present in the upcoming Free Fire community video content.

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