Season 7 champions who were turned away by players in season 7.5

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2022-09-22 16:30:55

The generals who once “stormed” season 7 have now lost their position in season 7.5

Season 7.5 of DTCL landed with many new champions as well as extremely powerful Than Long. Besides, a few champions that once led the meta in season 7 are no longer as important as before. Here, let’s find out with Game4V who those names are and how they are in season 7.5 right now.

Sett will never be a main pick in TFT Season 7.5

Sett was once the 1 money champion with the strongest team carrying ability in DTCL Season 7.

Each time in season 7, Sett was selected at the beginning of the game to upgrade 3 stars with 3 main equipment: Mercury Cloak, Guinsoo’s Rage Blade, Giant Slayer. With these items, if there is the right Dragon Upgrade, Sett can completely dominate the damage of the squad, knocking down enemies one by one with powerful punches.

But that’s just a story before, although Sett is still retained in season 7.5, but not too many people like to use it, even using it only in the role of the Dragon Warrior system. Sett’s damage is too little compared to a meta with too many strong tank champions in the early game such as: Skarner, Nasus, Sejuani, Braum, Rell or Jax, but if it’s for tanking, it can’t be equal to the names. just listed. Hopefully in the future, Riot Games will pay more attention to Sett.

Gnar is the only 2 money champion that is rarely used in DTCL Season 7.5

Losing his companion Neeko, Gnar was cruelly turned away by players in TFT season 7.5

Gnar is not necessarily weak, the two biggest reasons are that Ngoc Long is being “disgraced” and Transfiguration has Jayce attracting all the light on the stage. Jade Dragon has been reduced to a maximum of (9) active milestones and only 2 high-value generals, Shi Oh Yu (level 4) and Soraka (tier 5), so many players are not too interested in choosing. choose Ngoc Long as the main squad, instead just activate the landmark (3) Ngoc Long to get an extra jade statue.

With the activation milestone (3) Jade Dragon, the player will choose Shi Oh Yu or the trio of Karma, Wukong, Jax with strong clans/systems, easy to combine at the beginning of the game instead of Gnar’s Transformation. Jayce is also too strong with Transfiguration, Guild, only used to combine with Shyvana in the late game or for resistance, Gnar only costs 2 gold, not much effect in the late game. Meanwhile, in season 7 is a different story, when (9) Jade Dragon is very easy to play, Neeko and Gnar are a pair of resistant cards, providing very annoying control effects to counter the opponent.

Volibear season 7 is now just a friendly, harmless bear

Volibear lost the Myth as well as the power of a God.

When the Mythic system was still there, the trio of Volibear, Anivia, Ornn used to be 3 pieces born for each other with the same power as the 3 gods. Volibear’s attack speed, magic damage scares many opponents with lightning slaps on many opponents, making the pieces hiding behind the tank also evaporate.

Season 7.5 saying goodbye to Volibear made this bear more lost than ever, no one chose Volibear to be a mainstay anymore. With 3 gold, instead of Volibear having only 2 types of Golden Dragon, Dragon Warrior, players can choose Olaf, Rengar, Rakan, Sylas or Seraphine with many uses and races that can combine a variety of different squads. Volibear can be seen as a victim of Riot Games in the new season 7.5 of TFT


Although still retained by Riot Games in season 7.5, their popularity and use have been greatly reduced. Maybe in the coming time, the DTCL game production team will have edits to help bring them into good shape. Follow Game4V to update the latest information about TFT.

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