Shocked by the abuse scandal of more than hundreds of students of a famous art school

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2022-09-23 08:27:12

Hundreds of female students have been abused by “blue-bearded lovers” labeled as lecturers at a famous art school, even a female student had to become pregnant at a very young age.

According to an information page Sina published by China, one of the leading art schools in the country of billions of people is facing a highly serious scandal. More specifically, dozens of candidates have spoken out to denounce the unethical behavior in the training and enrollment process of this school.

This is a big scandal because the ages of the students involved in this case are very young. Even an academy’s investigative organization had to step in to handle the scandal and abuse with the number of victims reaching hundreds of practitioners here.

Forcing students to send sensitive photos

A victim named Thi Tu Di denounced Trieu Vi Huyen, a person known to be a student majoring in Directing of Beijing Film Academydirector of the art training school Photo of Tram Dai Street had abused her and many other contestants.

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According to the victim’s account, Trieu Vi Huyen used his reputation to deceive more than 20 girls, even having middle school girls come to his own house to play tricks. For the sake of art, Trieu Vi Huyen asked these girls to wear skimpy clothes, even nude to shoot videos.

scandal of abuse of more than hundreds of students of a famous art school

After the investigation, Trieu Vi Huyen was revealed to have seduced more than 100 different girls, forcing them to send their sensitive pictures so that they could have the opportunity to participate in acting. He even used vulgar words when talking to his victims during his work.

What is more remarkable is that the age of the victims is very young, most of them are students studying to prepare for the entrance exam to the Beijing Film Academy. Thi Tu Di also shared that:He gives exercises like ‘my sexual fantasies’, ‘first time I’m satisfied’ for us to practice, express our feelings. These sensitive topics put us to shame, since then many people have been psychologically haunted every time they go through the class of this “blue-bearded lover”.”

scandal of abuse of more than hundreds of students of a famous art school

And when the victim spoke up, there were dozens of other students supporting to expose the bad stories of Trieu Vi Huyen. This quickly created an unprecedented wave of anger in the online community. Even the actress’s cousin Ton Le to be Ton Diemwho is studying at the school also spoke out in support of the victims.

Being raped leads to pregnancy

The story of Trieu Vi Huyen is still nothing when his teacher, the principal of Anh Lo Tram Dai art training school – Do Anh Triet played tricks on hundreds of practitioners, even getting a 17-year-old girl pregnant because she was forced to have sex.

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Do Anh Triet claims to be the “godfather of the entertainment world” and prides himself in seduce hundreds of girls into having sex with him. When he saw that Thi Tu Di Possessing a beautiful body, he tricked her into going to a bar, drinking alcohol and intending to play tricks. Fortunately, however, Ziyi luckily escaped from his grasp.

scandal of abuse of more than hundreds of students of a famous art school

Baidu also reported that Anh Lo Tram Dai’s art exam preparation facility of Do Anh Triet and Tran Vi Huyen was established in 2007. Since its inception, there have been many participants since its inception. training, with the desire to be able to enter the Beijing Film Academy. This is also a great condition for the two “blue-bearded lovers” to play their debauchery.

In this incident, a male student revealed that in 2013, Do Anh Triet committed depraved acts with a 17-year-old female student and made her pregnant. Since then, she had to drop out of school and give birth at a very young age. Previously, a teacher who was a victim of “blue beard” surnamed Do came to this training facility, spread a banner and exposed his behavior, but Do Anh Triet still did not intend to. stop hand.

Thi Tu Di added that she stood up to expose Do Anh Triet because she was afraid that he might completely destroy her dream. However, it was only when she entered the Beijing Film Academy that she dared to stand up against Do Anh Triet and call on his victims to fight bravely to regain justice for themselves.

scandal of abuse of more than hundreds of students of a famous art school

Until September 20, there were 21 victims who accepted to denounce his behavior, but more importantly, Do Anh Triet’s wife was also an accomplice, helping him destroy the future of female students.

However, Do Anh Triet still steadfastly denied the allegations and challenged the speculation that:

“My teaching method may be controversial, but it works. Human nature is complex, I cannot speculate on the true thoughts of the women who accuse me, but I am willing to. face them. I don’t mind being investigated, I’m just afraid that Miss Thi Tu Di doesn’t dare to report it to the police.”

scandal of abuse of more than hundreds of students of a famous art school

When the public’s anger was increasing, the Beijing Film Academy decided to issue a strict sanction notice and investigate the actions of Trieu Vy Huyen and Do Anh Triet. If they really commit acts of abuse, taking advantage of their position to abuse female students, they will be brought to the law to punish them.

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