Should you buy iPhone SE 2022? Notable upgrade points

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2022-05-25 13:08:54

Recently, Apple launched the iPhone SE 3 (iPhone SE 2022) at the Apple Peak Performance event held on March 8. Join Dien May Xanh to find out whether to buy iPhone SE 2022 and notable upgrade points on this phone!

first What’s new in iPhone SE 2022?

Robust design, novel colors

iPhone SE 3 (iPhone SE 2022) has a design that is quite similar to its predecessor iPhone SE 2020, still owns an appearance with a similar design. featured virtual Home button The edges are similar to the iPhone 8 but thinner.

The body of the phone is made more sturdy with two high-class Ceramic Shield glass panels that are luxuriously pressed and fashionable on both the front and back, and the metal frame is roughened to help Anti-knock, drop-proof better.

iPhone SE 2022 has a sturdy, luxurious and trendy design

This iPhone series is available now 3 new color versions: Midnight, Starlight and Product Red. To realize this novel color difference compared to the Black, Silver/White and Red color options of the predecessor iPhone SE 2020, you have to look closely.

Specifically, the black color on the iPhone SE 2020 has been replaced by a slightly less dark Midnight color on the iPhone SE 3, the white color changes to starlight, and the red color is preserved.

Novel colors

iPhone SE 2022 has a new color

Powerful configuration thanks to Apple A15 Bionic chip

In terms of configuration, this phone is equipped with a powerful 6-core Apple A15 Bionic chip similar to the iPhone 13 series, RAM capacity has also been increased to 4 GB.

With this processor chip, the ability to handle multitasking and all daily tasks of the user is handled easily and quickly.

Powerful configuration thanks to Apple A15 Bionic chip

The iPhone SE 256GB (2022) has unmatched performance thanks to its powerful Apple A15 Bionic chip

Camera improvements

iPhone SE 3 has a main camera with high resolution 12 MP on the back and the selfie camera has a resolution 7 MP. At first glance, we hardly see any improvement over the iPhone SE 2020. But Apple says it brings a few upgrades in terms of photography capabilities to the device.

With chip A15 Bionic new, the phone not only has better performance, but also supports Smart HDR 4 – a smart algorithm that can identify up to 4 people in a scene where everyone looks best.

Besides, the machine is also integrated Photographic Styles filters works with AI and is already available on iPhone 13. This option is accessible from the camera’s home screen and offers realistic on-screen rendered preset effects to help you find the perfect filter. Perfect for taking pictures.

Camera improvements

iPhone SE 128GB (2022) phone has improved camera, equipped with many technologies

The only downside of the iPhone SE 3 is only 1 lens So the user’s shooting angle is limited.

In addition to the ability to take photos, the iPhone SE 3’s video recording capabilities are also improved. The camera can record video at 4K . resolution and 60 fpssame feature OIS and maybe better noise handling when shooting in low light.

Video recording has also been improved

The iPhone SE 3’s video recording capabilities have also been improved

Improved battery life

According to Apple, its new mobile processor not only provides better performance for the iPhone SE 3, but also improve battery life.

On its homepage, Apple says that the iPhone SE 3 can watch videos continuously for 15 hours. In addition, users can stream videos up to 10 o’clockbetter than 8 hours on the previous generation.

Improved battery life

The battery life of iPhone SE 3 is also improved, can be used continuously for 15 hours

2 Price of iPhone SE 2022

Expected price of iPhone SE 3 (iPhone SE 2022) in the market Vietnam As follows:

  • iPhone SE 3 (iPhone SE 2022) 64 GB internal memory version priced at about 13 million dong.
  • iPhone SE 3 (iPhone SE 2022) 128 GB internal memory version is priced at about 14 million dong.
  • iPhone SE 3 (iPhone SE 2022) 256 GB internal memory version priced at about 17 million dong.

Price of iPhone SE 2022

3 Should I buy the iPhone SE 2022?

Friend should buy this iPhone SE 3 (iPhone SE 2022) phone if:

  • You love a phone that looks small but has a powerful processor, while keeping up with leading technology trends.
  • Or you like great power and processing at an affordable price, this is the right phone for you.

Friend should not buy this iPhone SE 3 (iPhone SE 2022) phone if:

  • You want a modern and unique phone or a widescreen phone for entertainment, watching movies.
  • The phone has a large battery capacity for activities like playing games for hours on end.
  • With the wide variety of camera modes available on camera phones, the iPhone SE 3 isn’t for you, even though it has all the usual photography features you’d need.

Should you buy iPhone SE 2022?

iPhone SE 2022 is a great mid-range phone

When buying iPhone at Dien May XANH, you will receive attractive policies such as:
  • Guaranteed 100% genuine.
  • Genuine phone warranty one year.
  • Anything damaged will be exchanged within 12 months if the fault is caused by the manufacturer.
  • Easy warranty by phone number.
  • Fast, free local delivery.

(Warranty policy was updated on 04/22/2022, subject to change from time to time. See more updated information here.)

So Dien May GREEN sent you the information Should you buy iPhone SE 2022? Notable upgrade points of this phone line. Hope this information is useful to you. Comment below if you have any questions!

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