Sitting idle, suddenly received nearly 6 billion from Google

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2022-09-22 14:29:53

This engineer tried to contact Google about the money for 3 weeks but got no response.

Google mistakenly sent a security engineer a payment of approximately 250,000 USD (~ 5.9 billion VND). It is worth mentioning that this engineer does not work or have anything to do with the “search giant”.

Yuga Labs security engineer Sam Curry received $249,999 more than 3 weeks ago. Curry posted proof of the payment coming from Google Llc Edi Pymnts.

Tweets about Curry’s money quickly went viral on social media. He wrote:

“It’s been over 3 weeks since Google randomly sent me $249,999 and I still haven’t heard back from support. Is there any way we can contact Google? If they don’t want to take it back, that’s okay too.”

The tweet was posted on September 13. By September 19, FOX Business reported that Curry had been contacted by Google and refunded the money.

Curry told FOX Business on Monday that he contacted Google and returned the money to the tech giant.

A Google spokesperson shared: “Our team made a wrong payment due to human error. We are grateful that the affected partner promptly reported the issue.”

When asked about his feelings after returning the money “falling out of the sky”, Curry comfortably said: “I think it’s all fun. Pretty sad I had to send the money back. And I can’t help but wonder if they intended to let me keep the money in the first place.”

At the end of July, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, recorded revenue of $ 69.69 billion in the second quarter of 2022, up well from $ 61.88 billion in the same period last year. Despite this, the group’s net income still dropped significantly from $18.5 billion to $16 billion.

Meanwhile, Yuga Labs – the company that Sam Curry is working for specializes in blockchain technology. The founders of Yuga Labs are also the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club – a popular NFT collection built on the Ethereum blockchain.

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