Slayder officially joined SBTC Esports

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2022-11-24 08:05:54

After a period of “hiding head and tail” from VCS fans, SBTC Esports finally revealed its new ADC is Slayder.

A few weeks ago, Slayder left GE and became a free agent in the current transfer season. As a result, there were a lot of rumors that this player would join SBTC Esports, because Slayder “accidentally” appeared in the camera of Coach Ren at the gaming house of “Tam Ke Hoi”.

Recently, SE used the same funny video to reveal its new player:


“Nguyen “Slayder” Linh Vuong officially became the ADC for SBTC Esports.

With two consecutive championships in his playing career, surely the skill of the 2k-year-old marksman is undisputed. Besides the prestigious Kaisa as well as a deep understanding of the game, Slayder must be an indispensable piece in the dominant squad of SE in a VCS 2023 season.

This addition is one of the blockbuster explosions in the transfer market, and will strengthen fans’ hopes for a better ranking of SE in the upcoming season.” – SE revealed its new super ADC.

Excluding the players whose contracts have expired, the current SE roster is only 4 names including SPOT, Dia1, Vinboiz and Slayder. However, many VCS fans believe that players like NPer, Palette and DNK will soon renew their contracts with “Red Chicken”.

As for the gaming community, a large number of streamers, players, and even commentators have left funny comments.

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