Smilegate’s 3D role-playing game has just opened international beta

Smilegate’s 3D role-playing game has just opened international beta


2023-05-26 07:11:02

Outerplane has officially released the global version for Android and iOS users from May 23.

First announced in August 2022, Outerplane quickly attracted the attention of players around the world with its eye-catching anime graphics and a deep space-based storyline. After testing and editing from developer VA Games and publisher Smilegate, finally on May 23, the official version of Outerplane was released globally, promising to create experiences. exciting entertainment experience for players in the summer of 2023.

Set in a fantasy world, Outerplane’s production team has cleverly established a deep story with many hidden details to gradually lead players to the game’s greatest mystery. Accordingly, responding to the summons of the people, you are accidentally transported to a strange world where you are facing the attack of the dark legion and the demon lord. From here, the journey to stop the demon lord is also to find a solution for his summoning to return to the player’s old world officially begins.

The game uses the element of space travel to build a plot with many interesting details, thick intentions.

The game uses anime style to design the graphics in both the landscape as well as the cast of characters.

Outerplane impresses players at first sight through anime-style 3D graphics. In which the cast of characters with beautiful and eye-catching shapes is the heart of the game, not only diverse in visual design and costumes, each Outerplane character is meticulously completed by the design team. The most meticulous in both the skill set and accompanying visual effects. In particular, VA Games also cooperates with top voice actors to breathe life into each character, helping to perfect and enhance the experience for players. Besides, the context in the fantasy world where the player is summoned is also very rich, magnificent and equally monumental, promising to stimulate the spirit of discovery of the player.

Outerplane belongs to the genre of traditional turn-based strategy.

Outerplane belongs to the genre of traditional turn-based strategy.

VA Games envisions Outerplane as a traditional turn-based game with a focus on handling situations to bring out tactics from players logically in battles. And like other games of the same genre, players coming to Outerplane need to pay attention to the mutual countermeasures between different types of elements as well as become familiar with the variety of skill sets and qualities of each character. to be able to create a winning team for themselves. In addition, the Outerplane also adds a combo attack mechanism to help team members attack an enemy, dealing a huge amount of damage, thereby creating favorable conditions to win the battle.

In addition to participating in diverse game modes ranging from pve to pvp, from story mode to spawning arena; When coming to Outerplane, players can also experience fun mini-games, connect with their warriors through chat sessions, increase the connection between the two sides and enjoy the stories around them. around the life of each character.

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