Some interesting information about behind the scenes of Spider-Man: No Way Home

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2022-01-02 07:05:24

Accordingly, some behind-the-scenes sharing of the blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home was revealed by screenwriter Chris McKenna in an interview.

Some interesting information about behind the scenes of Spider-Man: No Way Home

In an interview with THR, the film’s screenwriter Chris McKenna had some interesting stories about the behind-the-scenes of Spider-Man: No Way Home, most notably the information related to Spider-Man: No Way Home. actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

According to the scriptwriter, Tobey and Andrew both agreed to participate in Spider-Man: No Way Home before the script was completed (And yet Andrew Garfield kept denying rumors and blaming Photoshop for this). The important thing is that they “knew the idea, and they trusted the people.”

However, the film is still in the process of having a lot of editing in the script, so when sending the script pages to them, the script team is also worried, afraid that both of them will change after reading it. But luckily both are like: “Okay, okay! We can do it.”

And after joining, they had some shaping for their characters:

Tobey wants his Peter Parker to be an extremely private person, living in seclusion after Spider-Man 3. Because he has overcome the darkness in life and wants a more peaceful life.

Andrew likes the idea of ​​his Peter Parker still being tormented and tormented by the events of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Because he is still lost in the dark, he is still struggling.

Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield contributed a lot of ideas for Spider-Man: No Way Home

“The two not only do their roles well, but they really live with the characters and the story, the world, their own.” – Chris McKenna shared.

In the film, Ned learns how to open the portal using Strange’s dual rings, which he and MJ use to try to locate Parker. Instead, they accidentally found two other versions of Parker also summoned by Strange’s magic, called “Peter-Two” played by Tobey Maguire and “Peter-Three” played by Andrew Grafield. Ned and MJ find Parker and comfort him, while the other Spider-Man shares their own stories of losing loved ones and comforts him fighting for May’s honor.

And in the important climax of the film, when spider Tobey and spider Andrew appear to introduce spider Tom, and help him overcome the pain, as well as understand the moral lesson to move on. Much of the scene was conceptualized by Tobey and Andrew, thinking their characters could bring positivity and valuable lessons to the film’s story.

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