Sonic Frontiers – Mistake from choosing a release date with a god

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2022-11-24 16:09:55

I don’t know if Sega is overconfident or wants to use the reputation of a game that can confront the god of war to PR for his game, but whatever the outcome, Sonic Frontiers has received the right. bitter.

Sonic Frontiers the image of the game looks good from afar, but it’s a disaster up close

Since the launch of the first game trailer Sonic Frontiers has made many people surprised and expected when there are many changes in context and gameplay compared to previous versions. But this change brings more negatives than positives. Maybe the game is not as bad as the 2006 version or Sonic Boom, but with the direction of development like the current game, I think they should return to the traditional style, everything seems to be better. First let’s start with the main plot of the game. Sonic, Amy and Tails are dragged to a mysterious island called Starfall by the Chaos Emeralds. Things didn’t stop there when he set foot on this island, a mysterious force swept the green hedgehog and his companions into a virtual world where he had to both rescue his group of friends and find them. How to stop an intergalactic destructive force trying to return. Meanwhile, the arch-enemy with our main character Dr. Eggman is again colluding with a mysterious girl named Sage to carry out some shady plot. But it is worth mentioning here that the game is trying to go in a more mature direction. Throughout the game themes about love, death, and how the characters overcome pain are shown very often. At first, I really liked this idea because many of the Sonic movies I watched had quite dark themes. But then the plot of the game just made me laugh because of the absurd points in the plot, dialogue, as well as the way the character develops.

Sonic Frontiers

These epic boss battles are destroyed by other game features

There’s a reason why Sonic 3D games often fail miserably, and that’s speed. Our green hedgehog no matter what game he is in, his strength is his ability to run as fast as lightning, but when he steps through the 3D version, his speed is still greatly reduced every time. a lot because the game team could not build a map that is both large and detailed so that you can comfortably run to your fullest and this part is no exception when playing, in addition to the simulator scenes, the game rhythm is slow. quite boring, in return the combat part of the game this time has more depth (only more depth, not good). You will be confronted with many different enemies from shape to size, some of which are quite terrible. For normal enemies, the combat system seems simple, easy to get used to even though the animation sometimes doesn’t look very good. For boss battles, things are not so good, even though they are designed based on skills, requiring you to know how to manipulate properly, but everything is stored by the system. Ring of game breaking. Because while fighting the boss, the number of Rings you collect on the island will gradually decrease until they reach 0 even if you are not hit, the game will still end as usual.

Visually, the game is not too bad, but even when you play on PS5, the animation is quite rough and stiff. The island’s environment doesn’t look like an AAA game of 2022 at all. Object loading speed will be a nightmare if you play on Switch when running for a while, a whole stone appears suddenly in front of you. The camera angle is not to say that every operation for a while is completely deviated from the main character. Perhaps the best thing done in this game is only the sound when the music still somewhat retains the soul of the green hedgehog. With Sonic Frontiers has helped me maintain a belief that the green hedgehog is only good when appearing in 2D dimension.

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