Sons of the Forest continues to break the Steam concurrent player record with over 49,000 positive reviews

Sons of the Forest continues to break the Steam concurrent player record with over 49,000 positive reviews


2023-02-27 18:33:50

Sons of the Forest seems to be living up to impressive expectations as the game continues to dominate the Steam charts, at least for the time being.

Sons of the Forest is now out in early access on PC.

Now is an exciting time to be a fan of the survival horror title, especially for Sons of the Forest players, as Endnight sequel The Forest continues to dominate the Steam charts. . This indie title has lived up to gamers’ expectations very well since it launched in early access recently, initially beating out Starfield to become the most loved game on Steam. Perhaps no one expected the game to be like this, especially in the face of some tough AAA competition, but it shows how well the indie game scene can thrive in the industry.

It’s also not just expectations. When it was released early on Steam, Sons of the Forest sold two million copies in just 24 hours, which is an incredible feat for any studio, let alone an indie studio. With its ominous title jungle filled with cannibal creatures and tribes, not to mention its crafting and cooperative aspects, the survival horror title seems to be doing much better than many would expect. people, this can be demonstrated by its position on the rankings.

Currently, Sons of the Forest is not only the best-selling game on Steam, even outselling Valve’s own Steam Deck, but it is currently sixth on the list of most played games on the platform. this platform. That in itself is impressive, but the fact that the #1 to 5 games, such as Dota 2 and Apex Legends, are both free-to-play games means that SotF is indeed a paid game. Most played on Steam at the moment. The game currently has a rating of “very positive”, with more than 49,000 user reviews.

Sons of the Forest

Given the current reputation for Endnight’s horror sequel, it will be interesting to see what it’s like when it comes out of early access and fully released.

It was also noted that Sons of the Forest surpassed Hogwarts Legacy on Valve’s game publishing platform. Again, seeing as the post-release title from one of the biggest franchises in the world and being released by Warner Bros., this is no small feat. It’s unknown how long SotF will continue to exert its traction on Steam, but the developer is definitely excited about how well it’s doing at the moment.

Now that Sons of the Forest is so popular, it could be the cause of Steam’s servers being temporarily down on launch day. At the time, Endnight’s horror title wasn’t officially involved in the incident, but the fact that it happened pretty much shortly after the game was released makes it clear that it was the cause.

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