Spoiler Jujutsu Kaisen 211: Megumi reunites with her sister – Rule 11 and 12 added!

Spoiler Jujutsu Kaisen 211: Megumi reunites with her sister – Rule 11 and 12 added!


2023-01-27 05:36:59

Jujutsu Kaisen 211 detailed spoiler information, chapter 210 summary: The Culling Game has two new rules – one of which comes from Megumi’s older sister Tsumiki. Realizing that this is not her sister’s normal behavior, Megumi suspects… someone is taking over Tsumiki!

Summary of Jujutsu Kaisen – Recall Spell 210

Jujutsu Kaisen 210 content is mainly the situation of the Yuji group. Interrogation from the soldiers, Yuji learned that Kenjaku was playing tricks and that it was pointless for them to try to save the soldiers from the cursed spirits. Hearing that, Yuji still did as he pleased and protected those he saw.

Subsequent events tell us that Hana was once saved by Megumi as a child. Remembering that made Hana want to do the right thing.

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Spoiler Jujutsu Kaisen 210: Megumi, Yuji VS US Army – Hana and Megumi’s relationship revealed!

Spoiler Jujutsu Kaisen 211

jujutsu kaisen 211

On November 16, Yuji’s group met up with Maki’s group at the No. 1 Tokyo domain. Kenjaku’s behavior made them quite worried. After exchanging for a while, rule number 11 was added:

To exit the game, must invite another player to join instead + spend 100 points.

Megumi asks Maki to take her sister out of the territory. Maki meets Ichiji again and is told about his past conversation with Gojo.

At one end of the series, Megumi meets Tsumiki – however, something is very wrong. With 100 points available, Tsumiki added rule number 12. Megumi discovered that this was not her sister, so she asked:

Who are you?

Jujutsu Kaisen 211 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible, expected on December 22, 2022.

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