Spoiler Kingdom 752: Hoan Kiem dies in battle!

Spoiler Kingdom 752: Hoan Kiem dies in battle!

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2023-03-18 15:19:58

Spoiler Kingdom chapter 752, summary of chapter 751: Not giving up until the last moment, Hoan Ki still can’t create miracles. Qin’s General Hoan Ki officially died in battle!

Kingdom 751 Summary

Listen to the words of Li Mu, Hoan Ki… don’t care. He said that Li Mu was an extraordinary person, but had an ordinary heart. Section ordered to kill. Hoan Ky called Trach Nhuoc. Before she died, she used her hand to strangle Thuong Hoa Long. From outside, Na Quy and troops attacked. The situation looks chaotic. Ky tells Ly Ngoc that everything is not over yet and that as long as they get Ly Mu’s head, they will win.

Witnessing the irony of the Cavalry, Hac Anh smiled… then collapsed. The knight raised his sword and aimed at Li Mu’s head.

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Spoiler Kingdom 752

Kingdom 752

Hoan Ky’s determination to not be defeated encouraged his army to fight to the end. Ma Phong Tu attacks Ly Ngoc. Hoan Ki came to support and slashed Ma Phong Tu to death.

However, the Horse still has no door to turn the bet in this match. Military Trieu skewered spears at the Ky. In one page of the story, we see that the body of the Horse has about 10 spears. Ly Ngoc and Na Quy also couldn’t live because of the pressure from Trieu Army. Li Mu still stood and watched.

In a short segment, we see a flashback of the previous conversation between Na Quy and Hoan Ki.

Hoan Ky officially died in battle. Kingdom 752 ends here.

Next week the story takes a break.

Kingdom 752 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible.

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