Spoiler My Hero Academia 367: Seeing Bakugo immobile, Deku goes crazy!

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2022-09-23 16:31:01

Spoiler My Hero Academia 367, chapter 366 summary: Realizing that Bakugo and many other heroes have been seriously injured, Deku is furious, bursting with ferocious power! Shigaraki prepare to do penance!

Summary of My Hero Academia 366

In chapter 366, the hero formation at UA was almost completely defeated. The current Shigaraki is too strong even though he can’t use any quirks right now. In the midst of tension, Mandalay announced that to buy time for 2 more seconds, “reinforcements will come”.

Mirio was the only one still standing. Brainstorm – how to hold Shigaraki in two seconds? Remembering Sir Nighteye’s words, Mirio… put her butt on her cheek! This great distraction from Mirio gave Deku the opportunity to land on the villain’s face!

For details of the story chapter, you can see this article of Lag.vn:

Spoiler My Hero Academia 366: Mirio Transformation of Starlord – Deku lands in Shigaraki’s face!

Spoiler My Hero Academia 367

my hero academia 367

At the beginning of MHA 367, we see a flashback of Deku’s flight to UA. It turned out that what Deku saw were supersonic planes piloted by Star And Stripe teammates. They came here to help Japan defeat Shigaraki.

After landing, Deku immediately observed what was happening. Realizing that Bakugo was lying motionless, Nejire, Miruko, and many others were seriously injured, Deku lost his mind. Strength poured out from his body. Mirio tries to approach and explain that Bakugo is currently being healed by Edgeshot so Deku can rest easy. According to some spoiler sources, Bakugo regained consciousness and told Deku that he was fine.

Regaining his composure, Deku entered a battle stance. We get to see a super cool pose of Deku with the silhouettes of the ancestors behind!

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