Spoiler One Piece 1079: York kills Vegapunk – Bonney is attacked by Seraphim!

Spoiler One Piece 1079: York kills Vegapunk – Bonney is attacked by Seraphim!

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2023-03-19 09:29:04

Spoiler One Piece 1079, chapter 1078 summary: Revealing as a traitor, Punk06 York is planning to kill the original Vegapunk. Meanwhile, Bonney is in danger of being targeted by the S-Hawk.

Summary of One Piece 1078

Knowing that Vegapunk’s research has crossed the line, the World Government prepares to cause the “Egghead incident”. According to the narrator, this is an incident that will change the world in a way no one anticipated.

At the end, we learn that York is the traitor. She wants to be the only Vegapunk and a Celestial Dragon!

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Spoiler One Piece 1078 details: York is a traitor – Egghead Incident will shake the world!

One Piece 1079 spoiler prediction

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In an unexpected way, York is the villain. If you think about it, this makes sense because York’s whereabouts are quite shady. The job position of this robot is not too busy, plus York is a representative of greed, so… her desire to be a Thien Long Human is understandable.

According to the narrator, the Egghead incident will happen “tomorrow”. At this rate, the story arc will have an extension. In the immediate future, Vegapunk is in danger because he is facing York. Why hasn’t the robot killed him yet? According to Lag, York was looking for “something” from Vegapunk. Only when she got it did she take action. It is also possible that York wants to use Vegapunk as a hostage to trade with the World Government.

Robin’s group is heading to Vegapunk. Brook is also looking for and will probably find the scientist soon. Currently, S-Snake has no rival. Who will fight this Seraphim? It sounds funny but Lag thinks it might be Luffy – or more accurately Luffy will stop S-Snake. The Seraphim are confronting characters with many “grudges” in the original, so… who knows.

The target S-Hawk is aiming for might be Bonney, who is motionless from seeing Kuma’s memories.

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