Spoiler Spy X Family episode 14: Dead Loid? No, Anya comes to the rescue!

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2022-10-04 02:44:53

Spoiler Spy X Family episode 14 and details about the new episode’s airing time: Seeing the future of Loid’s father passing away, Anya and her dog friend conduct a “bomb defuse” mission. Will this lovely duo succeed?

Summary of Spy X Family episode 13

To reward Anya’s progress, Loid and Yor agree to buy her a puppy. While leading Anya, Loid received an urgent summons. According to information from WISE, a reactionary group is preparing to bomb a terrorist. Through the investigation, they learned that the rebels would use dogs as a means of transporting bombs.

In another development, Anya was watching dogs when she saw a large white dog in the street. The curious girl followed and discovered the terrorist’s lair. Anya was in danger but fortunately thanks to the other dog, Anya escaped. While riding a dog, Anya learns that this is a dog with the ability to see the future.

Running away for a while, Anya was still surrounded by bad guys. Fortunately, Yor’s mother appeared in time, so the girl and the white dog were temporarily safe.

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Spoiler Spy X Family episode 14

spy x family episode 14

In the next episode, Mother Yor will put on her “dog-scare” face to scare away the mobs and keep Anya safe. Anya now accidentally reads the future from the dog and learns that Loid’s father is in danger.

Wanting to save her father, Anya and the dog go in search of a hidden bomb. With the instructions she left behind, Loid’s father and the agents will successfully defeat the terrorists. Bomb-carrying dogs will be taken away. However, seeing that Anya liked the white dog, they allowed Anya to keep him.

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