Streamer LS believes that MSI will become a disaster after version 13.6

Streamer LS believes that MSI will become a disaster after version 13.6

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2023-03-19 11:37:09

Nick “LS” De Cesare – famous streamer in the League of Legends village recently expressed disappointment in Riot’s game balance in version 13.6.

Version 13.6 of League of Legends is coming very close and is also the expected update that professional players will compete in MSI 2023. However, after going through the content of update 13.6, Nick “LS” De Cesare believes that these edits could threaten this international tournament.

The famous streamer in the League of Legends scene reviewed update 13.6 on his livestream on March 15th in conjunction with sharing his opinion on Riot’s changes to the game. According to LS, he believes that MSI will be a disaster if it is played on patch 13.6 because Riot hasn’t done anything to change the meta in this update.

“That means the meta we’ve seen over the past 4 months will still be exactly the same at MSI.”LS said. “It would be really disheartening to admit that this is the current state of League of Legends – the most outdated version we have ever seen.”

LS explained that the League of Legends meta in professional leagues is slowly getting worse as the champion pool is getting narrower and narrower with each passing season. He added, if MSI plays in patch 13.6, players will not hesitate to focus on the strong bot lane duo Lucian – Nami and Zeri – Lulu. This is also the duo that we have had to watch over and over in the past 4 months in professional League of Legends tournaments around the world.

He points out that the changes made to version 13.6 don’t really make much of a difference. Vayne’s buff can’t bring Shadowhunter back to AD carry, but can instead be stronger if played in Top or Mid.

LS also emphasized that it is very confusing for Veigar to become popular and achieve a high win rate after an update but immediately get nerfed. Meanwhile, other champions like the bot lane duos mentioned above are not being touched by the League of Legends developer, while they are ruining the competitiveness in the professional game.

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