Streamer Pokimane Explains Why Not Joining OnlyFans

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2023-01-25 03:04:50

This female streamer who has come up with this strength has clear views in the trend of more and more female streamers “working part-time” on this platform.

Pokimane is one of the most popular streamers on the internet and has been encouraged by her many viewers to do “business expansion” by creating an OnlyFans account.

Over the years, many of Twitch’s top talents have made a fortune thanks to OnlyFans. For example, Alinity has earned more in two months than she has made in 10 years on Twitch while Amouranth has made over $30 million to date. Although Pokimane believes she can make up to $10 million a month on OF, she hasn’t joined in and stopped discussing the matter during a recent broadcast.

During a Twitch live stream on January 18, a viewer popped into Pokimane’s chat to ask her if she had an OnlyFans account, and Anys had the perfect answer. “Bitch, do you think I would?” she asked rhetorically. “Do you think if I really had OnlyFans you would ask me if I had OnlyFans?” Moments later, this viewer responded, further asking if she would ever do it if the opportunity presented itself and it was a desirable career choice. “What do you mean by ‘if the opportunity comes?’ The opportunity has come. The opportunity has come,” the streamer revealed. “It was there.”

Pokimane OF 2

According to Pokimane, while some others may be “interested in prostitution,” she is adamantly unwilling to pursue it. “I knew that wasn’t the career path for me,” explains Anys. “Just like that. I know I like blue and I know I don’t like green bell peppers. I don’t like the taste of it. It’s that simple.”

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