Street Fighter: Duel – The brand’s first RPG game will be released on phones

Street Fighter: Duel – The brand’s first RPG game will be released on phones

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2023-02-04 15:42:03

Capcom partnered with Crunchyroll to bring gamers Street Fighter: Duel – the newly announced Street Fighter RPG for mobile.

Street Fighter: Duel is in development for Android and iOS.

Capcom has announced a new Street Fighter title – Street Fighter: Duel is built quite differently from the typical Street Fighter installments. Street Fighter: Duel is a free-to-play mobile RPG. Street Fighter: Duel sees a partnership between Capcom and Crunchyroll – they describe it as “the first RPG in the series”, but was also developed to showcase some of the signature fight scenes of the series. Crunchyroll is probably the biggest name in anime outside of Japan, and the company has been busy delivering a great animated series. Crunchyroll has also worked on previous mobile titles using big-name anime franchises like My Hero Academia and Naruto.

The trailer features Ryu standing in a dark void, featuring only some of the series’ top hit Street Fighter soundtracks and engaging action sounds for the company, before turning around and plunging into a Hadoken. He is then joined by fan favorites, Chun-Li, Ken, and Blanka, all of whom have a toy-like look to their character models. The screen then switches to splash scenes featuring more characters and introduces Street Fighter: Duel with a reminder to pre-register for February on Android or iOS. Despite building an appropriate amount of anticipation, unfortunately, the trailer does not bring much about the gameplay. Crunchyroll’s website provides more details, stating that players will “travel the world recruiting and leveling up iconic characters from the Street Fighter series”.

Street Fighter is not an anime, and Capcom has released a number of mobile games including Street Fighter 4 CE for Android and iOS, a partnership that seems to raise questions about the quality of the game. However, considering the fact that Capcom is so busy with Street Fighter 6, Monster Hunter, and Resident Evil 4 Remake, they are all highly anticipated titles, meaning the Osaka-based studio should find a way. outsource some work.

While it’s billed as the first RPG in the Street Fighter series, it’s also worth remembering 1994’s Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game, a role-playing boardgame based on mechanics from White Wolf’s World of Darkness games. . Unfortunately, it’s currently out of print, but the game has seen players create their own Street Fighter characters and develop a fighting style. World of Darkness is of course most famous for including Vampire: The Masquerade, which received the hit classic Bloodlines. While Street Fighter: Duel was built to be an RPG, it is doubtful whether the RPG mechanics will last as long as a White Wolf title. For those who desire a deeper RPG, Vampire: Masquerade Bloodlines 2 could release in 2023. No need to search for old copies of Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game, Duel will be the best choice. for Street Fighter fans to enjoy the franchise in a new way.

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