Summary of My Hotpot Story code and how to enter Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop giftcode

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2022-12-05 08:04:42

Code game My Hotpot Story – Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop with countless attractive gifts will give players new choices. When participating in the simulation game My Hotpot Story, you will have the opportunity to receive many useful items for your hotpot restaurant.

Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop is a fun simulation game that is very hot today, coming to My Hotpot Story you will be tested with a completely new and interesting role. We will own a hot pot restaurant with a lot of delicious dishes of our own, you will play the role of the restaurant manager with the task of doing business and developing it to become bigger to attract more tourists. Below will help you complete the task faster through the parts received through the game code My Hotpot Story.

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Code Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop

  • thankspot
  • Hotpotfood
  • Halloween
  • Hotpot999
  • Moonhappy

After successfully entering the code, you will receive rewards including Diamonds, Energy, Gold, Staff, Recipes, etc.

Besides the beginner code above, we can also get the code for the game My Hotpot Story through other methods such as: Regularly visit the Facebook Fanpage of Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop or the Zalo Chat Box My Hotpot Story.

How to enter giftcode Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop

Step 1: Log in to your Happy Sugar Hotpot Game account.

Step 2: Click the yellow speaker icon on the screen.

The main interface of the game Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop
The main interface of the game Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop

Step 3: In section Gift hill codeenter code Hotpot Story and press Take.

Step 4: Enter the code in the Enter special redemption code section and press Confirm.

After successfully entering the code, the reward will be sent to the player’s My Hotpot Story account immediately. Please check the game mailbox to receive the rewards.

Wishing you success!

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