Summary of the group stage of LPL Summer 2022

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2022-08-16 07:16:54

The 10 best names of LPL Summer 2022 have been revealed and entered the play-off round of the tournament

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After a long time of competition, the teams in the LPL have completed for themselves the group stage of the LPL Summer 2022. With only 2 defeats, JDG and TES are the two leading teams and officially entered the group. semi-final. With a slightly better difference, TES will be the team to choose the opponent in the semi-finals.

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    Summary of the group stage of LPL Summer 2022

    Summary of the group stage of LPL Summer 2022

    In another development, despite participating in the play-offs and definitely standing in 6th place in the group stage, WBG still lost 0-2 to LNG Esports in the match that took place on the evening of August 12. This result helps LNG Esports officially win tickets to the play-off round.

    Summary of the group stage of LPL Summer 2022

    Summary of the group stage of LPL Summer 2022

    For its part, WBG soon got a ticket to the Play-off and ranked 6th on the rankings. This will be an extremely unfavorable result because SofM and his teammates will again have to face Victory Five and JD Gaming, 2 very strong opponents with a very high win rate against WBG. Obviously, in front of SofM, it will be an extremely arduous journey if you want to be present at Worlds 2022. In the short term, WBG will have to face one of two opponents, LNG or BLG.

    As for the defending champion RNG, this team only finished in 3rd place. 4th is V5 and 5th place is EDG. The remaining teams that got tickets to the play-off respectively are OMG, FPX and BLG.

    Summary of the group stage of LPL Summer 2022

    Summary of the group stage of LPL Summer 2022

    The LPL Summer 2022 play-off round will be divided into 2 phases as usual. Stage 1 will take place in a split, knockout format (turn 1 → turn 3). The upper bracket consists of teams ranked 4-5-8-9. The lower bracket consists of teams ranked 3-6-7-10. The two teams ranked 1st and 2nd in the group stage will go directly to the semi-finals, ie stage 2. The format of the winning branch – the losing branch will be applied from the semi-finals. This means that the teams that lost in stage 2 still have a chance to be redone.

    All matches in the LPL Spring 2022 play-off round are decided by Bo5. Teams from 1st to 8th place will eventually receive cumulative points. The 2022 LPL Summer Summer Champion team will qualify for the 2022 World Finals as China’s No. 1 seed.

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