Summer Time Render episode 21: The longest day

Summer Time Render episode 21: The longest day

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2022-09-09 19:33:02

Summer Time Render episode 21 – Finding a 50kg human body in the ocean was unthinkable but brought Ushio back into the game.

At the time of episode 21, it became clear that not all the rules in Summer Time Render were the same rules that apply to everyone. Definition of human is not even human. That’s even more true of the shadows, who now seem to pop up in a dizzying variety of genres from “Goddess” down.

For that reason, I’m not too bothered about messes like we saw in episode 21 Summer Time Render. I don’t think they break the attraction the author builds with the audience.

I think I always knew Ushio would return, largely for the above reason but also because it’s hard to see anything but a total bad ending without her. However, first, there is still the matter of the many Karikiris that exist. Hishigata has a theory tied to his father Iwao, suggesting that Karikiri had a method of preserving his previous body for later use when needed. If so, I think hacking them is still undesirable, since the supply of them must be limited, but he has treated them quite cavalier.

Then we have Ryuunosuke, who currently exists inside Shinpei, but also has the ability to manifest in physical form. This breaks the rules for any shadow as we know it, but the existing Ryuunosuke breaks the rule about humans having only one shadow, because Shinpei now has two. Again, it’s a new “rule” but it’s logical to the movie’s premise. I think so!

Ushio who has always been an odd shadow. Diving into time travel theory here, Summer Time Render depicts the widely accepted sci-fi principle (certainly in the anime) of parallel timelines. Every time Shin repeats, he creates another one and as such he is the one to break the last loop. If Ushio exists in a loop and is with Shinpei when he creates a new loop, there can be two Ushio in the same timeline. That’s the idea anyway, and why does the case seem to surprise Haine so much? Because it uploaded Ushio’s memories there. Real shadow Ushio is drifting in the sea somewhere after trying to save Shiori.

Summer Time Render episode 21: The longest day

At high tide, it’s time to try to reach Ushio and bring those memories back to her as Nezu makes sure that’s when she’s closest to shore. Of course Shide will also be hunting, but fortunately, the active seashell gives the Shinpei team a chance. However, while waiting for the tide, Sou, whose confession to Mio made her try to pretend she was KageMio, refused. She then quickly confesses to Shinpei who is rather clumsy with a “precious little sister” and reminds Mio that he is in love with Ushio. Then Mio… very sad! Haha curse short hair.

It’s a hell on earth because seriously, the ocean is huge. The possibility of finding a 50 kg human body in there seemed unlikely, but with the help of Guildenstern, Shinpei managed to do it right in front of Shide and his army. The battle has now returned to a tug of war, perhaps. It’s hard to imagine Team Shinpei having any real chance of winning without Ushio’s help. Shinpei’s grand plans could not have come true without the absolute power that Ushio brought.

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