Surprised by TheShy’s artistic talent, even ‘surpassing’ Faker

Surprised by TheShy’s artistic talent, even ‘surpassing’ Faker


2023-03-08 14:13:07

Surprised by TheShy’s artistic talent, even ‘surpassing’ Faker

Not only Faker has a talent for playing the piano, but TheShy is also a skilled ‘key dancer’.

In the village of League of Legends, there are many professional players who possess many outstanding talents. For example, Faker can be mentioned, recently he made people admire and whisper with his piano playing talent when he had an impressive performance of River Flows In You at T1 Con 2022. But in fact Faker did not must be the only player who has the talent to “dance” the Piano keys, but TheShy is also a great player that few people know.

Accordingly, in an interview, TheShy revealed that he himself learned to play the piano since high school, even before coming to League of Legends. After coming into contact with the piano, he took a break from playing and then returned to practice this art in parallel with the process of playing professional League of Legends.


After that, because he was too focused on his career as a player, TheShy continued to stop playing the piano. Having an “artistic blood” in his body, the LPL player continues to learn to play the guitar.


With Piano, this player also revealed that there is not a genre of music that he particularly loves when practicing on the keyboard, mostly playing with emotions and some classic songs from around the world. With his musical talent TheShy was even invited by LPL to perform for the opening theme song of the LPL Spring 2021 and we saw an extremely cool image of TheShy that year.

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