Survivor io: A guide to extreme survival

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2022-09-23 00:27:14

survivor io is a game where you have to survive as long as possible and here are some tips to help you live longer in the game.

For those of you who do not know Survivor io is an interesting survival game. In the game, you will have to fight with many different types of weird zombies. Players will destroy them in many ways, through upgrading equipment and new skills.

Say as long as possible because in a game divided into chapters, each chapter will usually last for 15 minutes, divided into 3 bonus milestones, mostly 5p-10p-end of chapter. Reaching chapter milestones will give you equipment and resources to help upgrade your character, thereby setting the stage for you to finish a chapter. So here are some things to help you survive better.


  • first Be careful of all obstacles
  • 2 Choose your own path
  • 3 Prioritize wide area attack skills
  • 4 Skillfully combine assorted skills
  • 5 Choose the right essentials
  • 6 Reasonable equipment upgrade

Be careful of all obstacles

Possessing a fast-paced gameplay and killing a large number of enemies alone, you will inevitably have a bloodthirsty mentality that constantly rushes to kill. Forget about defense because in addition to the monsters that keep rushing at you like moths, there are still rangers who continuously poke your blood until you realize, the blood is already at an alarming level. So keep yourself a cool head, avoiding all attacks of the enemy.

Choose your own path

In Survivor io enemies will appear everywhere 360°, circling around a place is almost suicidal because you will be surrounded on all sides and swarmed to death. You choose for yourself a direction to go, thereby opening the blood path for yourself. This will help you be able to ignore nearly half of the enemy so you can focus your fire on one side.

Prioritize wide area attack skills

The common point in the stages is that an extremely large number of enemies are constantly rushing at you, so focusing on upgrading skills that deal damage is extremely necessary. Those upgrades will kill a large number of enemies each gas they activate, if you can upgrade to max then you won’t need to use the method above.

Skillfully combine assorted skills

Knowing how to choose effective attack skills in each game is a great advantage. You should skillfully use the skills that the game gives to make your character invincible.

For example:

Ron type A and type B: these are 2 separate skills but must go together, the common point is to summon 2 rocket-fired Robots. The reason they have to go together is because when you max level up both of you will combine them into “terminator” this will increase your battle strength, and also give you 1 slot free for you to add a skill. other skills, you can only have 5 skills at most.

Choose the right essentials

In addition to the attack skills, in the game you also have to choose the necessary support items that are suitable for the situation. For example, in a chapter, there is a narrow terrain, you need to get essentials to help increase your movement speed to be able to move quickly to avoid cornering. Or in that game there are many monsters that have the ability to poke blood, the item that restores color is an essential thing.

Reasonable equipment upgrade

Preparing well before entering the battle is one thing that needs to work, you upgrade the equipment optimally, reasonably to increase health, defense, damage will give you a chance to survive. higher when surrounded by zombies.

Above are a few tips to help you live longer in Survivor io, these are just a few ways to help you overcome the stage, not to completely decide your victory in the game, because to break the island requires many other factors. More specifically, good equipment and character enhancement.

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