Synthesize the latest Giftcode of the City Lord of the Three Kingdoms in September

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2022-09-22 10:18:13

Synthesize the latest Giftcode City Lord of the Three Kingdoms in September for gamers, enter the code and fight now!

The Three Kingdoms Citadel brings players into the lovely Chibi world with a 3Q theme familiar to most gamers. You will be the owner of armies including famous generals such as: Cao Cao, Luu Be, Lu Bo, Da Cat Luong, etc. The player’s job now is to arrange the squad, move to the above regions. map to lead teammates to occupy, fight the enemy.

In addition, Gameplay also allows players to build strongholds, accumulate resources to upgrade the interface into battle. Therefore, players can both fight and build a solid and heroic tower.

The character system is also very diverse, allowing players to own famous Three Kingdoms generals. Each general will be classified into different character classes, possessing unique skill sets. With a diverse skill set, players can take advantage of the generals’ moves to combine many beautiful combos and defeat enemies quickly.

Synthesize the latest Giftcode of the City Lord of the Three Kingdoms in September

GIFTCODE Citadel of the Three Kingdoms

This is a general Giftcode on the first day of the launch of the game Citadel of the Three Kingdoms, all players can use.

– VIP111
– SVIP222
– VIP8888

The game officially launched on September 20, 2022. Please follow the Fanpage and group of Thanh Chu Tam Quoc to not miss the events and interesting sections.

Official Fanpage of the Three Kingdoms Citadel.

The official community group of the Three Kingdoms Citadel.

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