Tales Afar – Anime style RPG game open for pre-registration

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2023-01-25 01:19:08

Tales Afar has now opened pre-registration for Android users in some countries such as Singapore, Canada, Denmark from January 21.

As the third product released by Legend Games Hong Kong Limited, Tales Afar is expected to be the publisher’s breakthrough in 2023. Previously, this publisher has only released three games that also fall under the category. role-playing and haven’t really had much success.

At the dawn of the universe, all that existed were the stars and the moon. Twin moons created civilizations and led to the Age of Enlightenment. The player’s story begins in Acqua, the Capital of Water as a young Arcanist in search of the player’s missing mentor.

Tales Afar offers a combination of anime graphics and steampunk style.

Tales Afar offers a combination of anime graphics and steampunk style.

Tales Afar is a steampunk game with typical anime graphics, which is also the trending trend of recent games. Every city in the world is designed with characteristics that represent the element (water, fire, etc.). Players will take turns to explore and learn the mysteries surrounding these cities and worlds.

Tales Afar belongs to the action role-playing genre.

Tales Afar belongs to the action role-playing genre.

Besides, the game also introduces a lot of warriors with beautiful shapes, elaborate costume designs and skill sets as well as magnificent visual effects. Not only that, Tales Afar also cooperates with many famous voice actors to bring players the best experience in both visuals and sound.

Role-playing gameplay combined with tactical elements gives Tales Afar a unique combat system, players will freely combine characters to create a powerful squad. Besides, the game modes from the main campaign mode, daily challenge to the pvp arena will be a place for players to challenge themselves as well as choose for themselves the most suitable squad.

Readers interested in Tales Afar can learn more through the following link.

Game link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.talesafaren.android

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