Teacher Ba shows that he is about to welcome ‘baby Ca Vien’ on livestream

Teacher Ba shows that he is about to welcome ‘baby Ca Vien’ on livestream


2023-02-03 23:34:07

After many “planning with fans”, Teacher Ba was finally able to show off the good news that he would welcome “baby Ca Vien” with Ms. Panda at the end of this year.

In the League of Legends community, the name Teacher Ba has become too familiar to those who love watching livestreams. So the changes in this male streamer’s life are also quite enthusiastically interested by fans.

Recently, former BaRoiBeo player also announced his good news on his personal livestream:

Teacher Ba boasted that he was about to welcome the baby “Ca Vien” on the livestream.

According to research, Teacher Ba welcomed the good news with Ms. Panda in the early morning of February 3. And if nothing changes, at the end of this year “former SBTC Esports coach” will welcome baby Ca Vien with Ms. Panda.

As for the fan community in Abe and SBTC’s group, many people left congratulations to this male streamer. Besides, there are also quite a few “comedy” comments about the “stick” that the SBTC leader showed on the livestream:

“Is this Miss Panda’s or someone else’s?”

“Brother Trung has Covid-19 everyone.”

“Let’s go to Chicken Vien Abe.”

Not only that, many fans also “drawn” the prospect of Teacher Ba receiving 2 good news at the same time at the end of this year: welcoming baby Ca Vien and joining SBTC Esports to win the World Championship 2023. a “super-optimistic” plan, because SBTC Esports participating in Worlds is already a huge challenge, let alone winning the world championship.

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