Temporarily summarizing 2021, here are the best anime-based mobile games to play

Temporarily summarizing 2021, here are the best anime-based mobile games to play

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2021-12-20 23:07:21

Although the number of anime-based mobile games is increasing day by day, there is a new game every day. But not all games are of the same quality and all games receive enthusiastic support.

Dragon Ball Legends

Vietnamese readers are familiar with 7 Dragon Balls, the series was first released in the world in 1984 and has released many different versions. Until now, there are still sequels of Dragon Ball released and the attraction of the games that follow has also since then but not decreased. Many games based on this manga and anime series were released, which were well received by fans.

Dragon Ball Legends is one of the few games based on 7 Dragon Balls made on mobile, and is considered the best quality. The game is quite similar to the current hot mobile games, with attractive elements for players such as role-playing, adventure and special.. GACHA!

Fate Grand Order


Fate Grand Order (FGO) is one of the top mobile games with the best GACHA elements. However, what makes FGO special is the storyline created by the creator of the anime himself.

Bleach Brave Souls


Bleach Brave Souls is based on the plot of the famous manga series, one of the top best manga of all time Bleach. The gameplay is still the same as GACHA out characters from Bleach’s universe, using them to explore the plot.

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag

STAR: Memory Defrag has a plot that doesn’t completely follow the content in the anime. It can be said, SAO: Memory Defrag as a side story of SAO, and not less attractive when compared with the main plot. SAO: MD has a hands-on “hack & slash” style of play, with an extremely attractive PvP mode. And of course, what is attractive will also have a GACHA element in the game, and SAO: Memory Defrag is no exception.


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