Tencent expands Honor of Kings into a “universe” similar to League of Legends

Tencent expands Honor of Kings into a “universe” similar to League of Legends

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2022-11-21 07:23:45

During an event to celebrate the game’s success, Tencent announced plans to expand Honor of Kings into a complete “universe”.

Chinese gaming giant “Tencent” held a special event on November 12 to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the hugely popular game developed by TiMi Studio, Honor of Kings.

At the event, the company provided new details about the expansion of its “universe” of products related to this hit game.

Honor of Kings is the most profitable mobile game in China

For those who don’t know, Honor of Kings became China’s most profitable mobile game in January 2022, taking the throne from another Tencent-developed mobile game, PUBG Mobile . According to US data company Sensor Tower, the game generated $190 million in September 2022 alone.

Launched in 2015 in China, Honor of Kings recorded 50 million daily active users in 2016, and then hit 100 million in 2020. Recently, Tencent launched the game for the first time. foreign markets.

Tencent announces official universe with three games and a new movie

Honor of Kings universe

Success after success has prompted Tencent to pursue a similar strategy of League of Legends, which is to build and expand the game’s universe by adding related titles and spin-offs to increase its popularity. greater revenue.

The event showcased new developments on three titles – Honor of Kings Chess, Honor of Kings: World, and Code: Breaking Dawn – and an animated film called Brothers Baili.

While the titles announced at the event don’t have a specific launch date, the progress update is still a positive sign that the projects are still a work in progress despite the difficulty in the development process. legislation of the Chinese game industry recently.

That’s all the information about Tencent’s expansion of Honor of Kings. If you still want to know more news, don’t hesitate to check them out at Mot Game Mobile!

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