TFT season 7: Guide to the Gladiator – Assassin squad

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2022-06-15 12:29:47

Gladiator – Assassin is a very strong squad in the Arena of Truth season 7 with the ability to withstand as well as deal great damage to the enemy’s backline. Let’s learn about the Gladiator – Assassin squad in the article below.

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TFT season 7: Guide to the Gladiator – Assassin squad

Team strength

The main clans in the lineup

  • Fighter
  • Killer
  • Thunder Dragon
  • Do Long
  • Dark Dragon
  • Combatant
  • Guild


  • Deal massive damage to the enemy team’s back row
  • Has good resistance
  • Easy to rotate cards and get equipment


  • The late game isn’t really that strong
  • Easy to counter if the opponent knows how to arrange cards

How to build a squad


The generals in the squad include:

  • Ornn
  • Olaf
  • Shen
  • Sylas
  • Pyke
  • Talon
  • Diana
  • Qiyana

How to equip

In this formation, we will have the main damage that is Talon dealing physical damage and Diana dealing magic damage. The main tank can be Sylas or Shen.


  • Infinity Sword: Increases damage as well as a large amount of critical damage
  • Giant Kill: Deal great damage to enemy tankers
  • Gauntlet of Justice/Blood Sword: Gives the ability to suck blood


  • Hextech Gunblade: Gives magic lifesteal
  • Infinity Sword: Deals a large amount of magic critical damage
  • Colossal Power: Increases resistance and deals extra damage

In addition, please equip the resistance items for Sylas or Shen to be able to buy as much time as possible to help the assassins quickly finish off the main enemy team.

Wish you all success with the Gladiator – Assassin squad in DTCL season 7!

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