The 3D Love Sword community shows off its design talent for this Lunar New Year more colorful

The 3D Love Sword community shows off its design talent for this Lunar New Year more colorful

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2023-01-18 03:42:59

Kicking off the series of events to welcome the spring of the year of the Rabbit 2023, the contest “Fashion Design for Tet 2023” has attracted many gamers to participate.

Over the past 4 years, Tinh Kiem 3D has organized hundreds of community events from children to adults. Every event that takes place also attracts a large number of players to participate with attractive rewards. One of them is design contests such as: Fashion Design, Beast Design, Phap Bao Design… The attraction of these events lies not only in the rewards but also in the player’s dimension. Love Sword 3D. The designs submitted to the TOP contest will be included in the game to be used as a VIP item. Not only that, there have been costumes and items made into products to display and perform at major events of the game.

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Love Sword 3D
The contest kicks off the series of events to welcome the Lunar New Year.

With the familiar participation rules and attractive prizes, the contest “Tet Fashion Design 2023” has received more than 500 entries.

Entries are colorful with many different themes of Tet costumes, from traditional ao dai to a modern dress. Through the contest, we can see that there are many talents “located” in the 3D Tinh Kiem community.

Love Sword 3D

Love Sword 3D

Love Sword 3D

Love Sword 3D
Outstanding entries of the event “Fashion Design for Tet 2023”

Following the success of the contest “Fashion Design for Tet 2023”, Tinh Kiem 3D revealed a series of events to welcome the spring of 2023 such as Happy New Year, Landing to welcome the Lunar New Year, Duplicate and Gift Wrapping …. With the promise of a booming new year, gamers of Tinh Kiem 3D can’t help but look forward to the gifts they will receive this New Year.

Love Sword 3D

“Happy New Year 2023” is the next event revealed by Tinh Kiem 3D. At this event, players only need to record a video to send greetings to the gamers of Tinh Kiem 3D. With a very simple rule, while the gift is very good, just launched, the event has received more than 200 videos. Just record a video and post it in the Tinh Kiem 3D – Giang Ho Hoi group, players can receive giftcodes and can receive more milestone gifts. However, when posting videos, players need to pay attention to fill in the following information:

+ Character name

+ Server

+ FunID

+ Content: New Year wishes to Tinh Kiem 3D community

+ Hashtag: #2023 #Chucmungnammoi

Love Sword 3D

Love Sword 3D
Beautiful boys and girls send greetings to Tinh Kiem 3D

Following the two huge community events above, Tinh Kiem 3D will open a landing, an attractive playground for the gaming community to hunt for Tet gifts. The gifts of the New Year’s landing “Giving Mao Dai Cat – Phat Thousand Big Gifts” will certainly not disappoint players. With amazing gifts such as: Macbook Pro M1, Funcard cards and giftcodes with a total value of up to billions of dong. Let’s wait for Love Sword 3D to be revealed in the coming days.

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